Top Gardening Events 2017 that should not be missed

Check out these Gardening events 2017. If you are in love with this Gardening activity then these are the exciting one events all created for you. In these events, you will get to see different kinds of breeding and pattern techniques. You will get tours of garden. It is the time to make your entry confirm into these Gardening events 2017. Do not miss this chance.


Events related to Snowrop days

28th January till 3rd Feb 2017

For the information, these Snowdrop Days take place right at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London. It is largely because of the warm microclimate at this Chelsea Physic Garden that this event take place. You should not at all miss out these dates and do make a plan to attend these Snowdrop Days. In this Snowdrop, you will get to see the Garden’s collection of about and more than 120 cultivars and also species. You will see their ways of breeding and all about pattern techniques. You will get free tours. Timings are 10am-4pm and address is 66 Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London.

4th Feb till 5th March

You should also enjoy this Snowdrop Walks right at the  Rode Hall, Cheshire. You will really enjoy this walk because it is one of the UK’s best of the and finest snowdrop walks by far. If you want to catch up the view of this wonderful and magical looking diverse landscape, if you want to have a view of these over 70 varieties and kinds of snowdrops then this is the event all made for you. In this event, you will be walking all along the paths which are covered and carpeted with white flowers. These snowdrops were planted by Sibella Wilbraham for the very first time in the year of 1833. Timings for this event are 11am – 4pm and address is Rode Hall & Gardens, Cheshire.

12th Feb 2017

Here is another Snowdrop walk, it will take place at the Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire. In this event, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of these stunning and amazing looking grounds right from the scenes in Wolf Hall. For this subjected event, Arts and Crafts garden and also private chapel, it will remain open. Timings are 2pm – 4pm and address is Great Chalfield Manor, nr Melksham, Wiltshire.

12th Feb 2017 and 19th Feb 2017

You should not miss out these Snowdrop Days which will be taking place at the Goldsborough Hall, North Yorkshire. You will be walking around these12-acres of best of the Royal Gardens. You should know that this Species Snowdrop Walk was actually created in the year of 2012. This was done with the help from Mike Heagney in Guisborough, and also because of the assistance of the snowdrop expert named as Della Kerr. You will fall in love with this spectacular and magical looking annual display. It is all made up of two kinds of species and they are Galanthus nivalis and also double Galanthus nivalis ‘Flore Pleno’. For the adults, you have to pay £5, for under 16s, they are free to become the part of this event. Timings are 10am-4pm and address is Goldsborough Hall, Goldsborough, North Yorkshire.

17th Feb till 19th Feb and 24th Feb till 26th Feb

Here we will be talking about these Snowdrop weekends, they will take place at the Holker Gardens, Cumbria. You should avail this golden opportunity so that you can stroll in these Holker Gardens. You will see these beautiful looking trails of snowdrops. Have a view of Burlington Fountain and also The Sunken Garden. You will see the 400 year old Great Holker Lime. Timings for this event are 10.30am-4pm and address is Holker Estate, Cark-in-Cartmel, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria.

18th Feb and 19th Feb 2017

It is a Snowdrop Charity Walk. If you want to attend this event then you have to give £5 if you are an adult. For the children, the entry is free and dogs are welcome. The timings are 10.30am-4pm and address is Winsley Hall, Westbury.

19th Feb 2017

This Snowdrop Sensation will be taking place at the Great Comp Garden, Kent. From here, you can buy your own choice of snowdrops. You will also see these delicate looking displays of snowflakes in all of these finest gardens. This is an information for you that this Great Comp Garden was created and made by Roderick Cameron in the time of 1950s. This garden has now been curated by some salvia expert named as William Dyson.

Events related to Potato days

These  potato days are hosted and commenced by Pennard Plants. With the help of this page, you can have a look at the list of these National Allotment Society potato days.

11th Feb 2017

This Potato Day is organised and all commenced by Flintshare and also N. Wales Plant Heritage. This event consist of more than and about 80 types of seed potato and all of them are for sale. You can also buy veg seed and herbs and other kinds of rhubarb and soft fruit. You will get a free entry to become the part of this event. Address is Church Hall, King Street, Mold and timings are 9am-1pm.

12th Feb 2017

This event is organized by the London charity Roots and Shoots. It will be their very first of its kind of Seed Potato and Vegetable Seed Fair. You should attend this event because here here you will see more than and about 60 varieties and kinds of of seed potatoes. You can buy these onion and too shallot sets as well as garlic. This event comprises of children’s art activities, bee jewellery and also potato themed lunches. Timings to attend this event are 11am – 2pm and address is Roots and Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington.

Other gardening events for 2017

28th Jan 2017

This event is all about the Hellebore tours, West Midlands. From this event, you will get to discover and also explore about the the fascinating stories with regard to the specialist named as Ashwood Nursery. He is an award-winning hellebores. To attend this event, the fees for entry is £2.50. Timings are 10.15am-2.30pm and address is Ashwood Nurseries, Ashwood Lower Lane, near Kingswinford, West Midlands.

4th Feb 2017 and 5th Feb 2017

All the gardening activity lovers out there, they should not miss this Winter Flower Festival, Cambridgeshire. From this event, you will see a church that will be full and covered with arrangements in a splendid way. You can buy some of the beautiful looking hand made Valentine gifts and Easter gifts. The timins to attend this event is 10.30am – 5pm and its address is All Saints’ Church, Melbourn (near Royston), Cambs.

4th Feb 2017 till 5th March 2017

It is a Kew Orchids Festival, Surrey. In this event, you will catch the view of India’s vibrant and too breathtaking kind of flora and its culture. This event is celebrated right at Kew Gardens. Talks.

6th Feb 2017

This event is all named with ‘The Seasonal Container Garden’. You will get a free entry if you are a member. For the non members, they have to pay £1. The timings to attend this event are 7.30-9.30pm and address is St James’ United Reformed Church, Palmerston Rd, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

14rh Feb 2017 till 15th Feb 2017

It is the RHS Early Spring Plant Fair, London. If you want to enjoy the view of early spring and best looking flowering plants then all of this has been displayed in this event. You can have a session with the top most garden designers as well. The timings for this event are 10am-5pm and keep in mind the address as well which isL RHS Westminster Halls, London.

14th Feb 2017

It is the Apple Tree Pruning Workshop which will be taking place at the Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens, Yorkshire. It is one of the productive hands-on workshops. For the Tickets, you have to £25 and you will also get a coffee and some biscuits.

18th Feb 2017

This event is all about the About Roses workshop and it will be commencing at the Godinton House & Gardens, Kent. It will be a practical workshop that will take place with head gardener named as Viv Hunt and also Fiona Abrahams. They will tell you how to planting and maintain and also prune roses. You have to pay £55 to become the part of this workshop.

5th March 2017

This event is related to the Hellebore garden open day. From this event, you can have a look at the Magnificent and an excellent display of these plantswoman’s garden. You have to give £4 to have an entry into this event. You will get a Tea and also home-made cakes in this event. Timings are 2pm – 4pm and address is Kapunda, Southstoke Lane.

25th March 2017 and 26th March 2017

It is one of the most in demand gardening festivals. You should become the part of this fantastic programme because it consist of more than  and about 20 speakers. Some of the prominent one are Roy Lancaster and Cleve West and also Alys Fowler.

1st April 2017

This event is all arranged by the Ewell Horticultural Association Spring Show. You will see the displays and exhibits of spring flowers and too cookery. You can check out the handicrafts and floral art and all of them are for sale as well. Another plus thing is that the entry is free for this event.

24th April till 28th April 2017 and 2nd May 2017 till 7th May 2017

All the people should too attend theseTulip Celebrations which will take place and held at Hever Castle & Gardens, Kent. You will see the trailor of about 7,000 tulips and 60 varieties of them that have been planted right along the Pergola Walk, Pompeiian Wall. You will get a tour of this Italian Garden as it shall be covered with 2,000 tulips. You should enjoy this wonderful formal kind of displays.

27th May 2017

You should celebrate this Plant Lovers’ Day right at the Creake Abbey, Norfolk. All of the leading nurseries from Nottinghamshire, they will show you wide and extended range of plants. You can see all kinds and sorts of specialist plants and too climbers and vegetables. To visit this event, be there around 10am-4pm and address is Creake Abbey, North Creake, Norfolk.

23rd June 2017 till 25th June 2017

You can for sure attend this West Woodhay Gardeners’ Fair. It will take place near Newbury, Berks. It is the exciting one Gardeners’ Fair. It will take place in few of the private gardens and also at the estate of the West Woodhay House. If you are one of the passionate gardeners then you should take part in this fair.

16th Sept 2017 and 17th Sept 2017

It is the most in demand Garden and Harvest Festival that shall take place at Forde Abbey, Somerset. For this  Garden & Harvest Festival, Charlie Dimmock and also Christine Walkden, they will be the confirmed and for sure celebrity garden experts for this festival. They will give you the practical demos and 100% harvest-themed kind of entertainment. If you are under 16, then this event is free for you.

Do not miss out these Top Gardening events 2017.

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