Top 15 Easy to Grow Flowers Plant and Seeds for Beginners

There is nothing in this world that can beat fresh cut flower and their arrangement. You need to throw the concept of arranging the expensive floral arrangements, as growing flowers at home in your garden is now very easy. Flowers provide colors, and they can dramatically add magnificent scents to your garden. Moreover, nowadays, there are many flowers that don’t need sunlight to nourish and enhance the beauty of your garden. There are tons of different varieties of flowers that can easily grow in the shades as well.

If you envy your surrounding home gardens for their mesmerizing flowers and colors, then you surely need to check out these 15 easy to grow flowers, plants and seeds for beginners. We have collected a good collection of some easy to grow flowers that can add a colorful crisp to your garden. Here are 15 easy to grow flowers, plants and seeds. You can grow 3-5 varieties together in your garden for a combination of attractive colors and pleasurable scents.

15 Easy to Grow Flowers, Plants and Seeds for Beginners

1) Sunflowers


Sunflowers are the easiest to grow flowers and they add beauty to your garden. Sunflower plants can grow as long as 15 feet tall, and the flowers grow on the top for full visibility. They can also provide shelter to small flowers that can grow underneath them. Sunflower has needle like bulging on its stem that keeps the parasites away from this plant. Its flower is filled with seeds of sunflower that sprinkle and give rise to a new Sunflower plant.

2) Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas have a pleasurable fragrance that seems very sweet. You can also cut and pick these flowers without the worry, because they grow more every day. You can sow larger seeds of peas easily, else buy a pea plug plant for your ease. They need sunlight in order to flourish and plenty of water to grow attractive flowers.

3) Nigella


Nigella flower is also well-known as “LOVE IN A MIST” and it is a beautiful flower with blue, white and pinkish shades on its base. It has jewel shaped flowers with delicate petals and an amazing fragrance that spreads over the whole garden.

4) Aquilegia


You can easily grow Aquilegia at home from is seeds. However, they can take as much as 6-12 months to grow, but once they are fully grown, they are the most beautiful flowers in your garden. We recommend growing Aquilegia flowers in small pots kept in garden. For extra protection surround them with net.

5) Eschscholzia


Eschscholzia or the Californian Poppy is flower that doesn’t demands much watering from you, and grows dark color red, yellow, purple and pink flowers with beautiful rounded petals. These are perfect to grow on the corner of your garden to give a perfect attraction.

6) Nasturtium


Nasturtium flowers grow very quick and they have light yellow delicate petals that grow on top of toad shaped green leaves. The large seeds of Nasturtium could be sown easily into the soil. Don’t water the seeds a lot.

7) Marigold


Marigold is a popular flower and is commonly grown around the world. The flower comes in three unique color designs that are very attractive, and you don’t have to wait to see the flowers grow.

8) Hardy Geranium

Hardy Geranium

Hardy Geranium or Cranesbill is beautiful blue/purple colored flowers that grow in clusters. They are perfect to grow in the center of a flower bed for perfect match. Their seeds are easily available, and could be grown at home. They need more water, but not in excess.

9) Funchsias


Funchsias are among the most unique flowers in the world, and the flowers hang down with little baskets and long petals erupting out of them. They grow in multitude of shapes and colors, and can also climb a wall easily. The stem is very strong! You can grow Funchsias on a small wall or along a tree in your garden.

10) Pansy


Pansy is a multi-color and multi-design flowers that are very appealing. These are easy to grow in garden and their seed are available at any greenhouse. Normally Pansy flowers grow in clusters.

11) Weigela


Weigela is more like a shrub, and it has long stems loaded with bunch of purple and white flowers that make your garden elegant and beautiful. The seeds are directly sown, and watered.

12) French Lilac

French Lilac

The French Lilac grows on a plant with big thick green leaves, and is dark purple in color with a magnificent fragrance that attracts birds and butterflies. French Lilac is very easy to grow at home.

13) Viburnum


Viburnum appears like small shrub or a tree that has bunch of white flowers with delicate petals growing on the stem. Viburnum is an evergreen flower that blooms round the year.

14) Rhododendron


Rhododendron is either sea-green colored or dark purple growing in a bush style shape and has shades on the flowers that glow from different angles. Rhododendron is among a popular shrub flower and it is more appealing in woodland gardens.

15) Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon seeds may not be easily available, but they are getting common nowadays because of their beauty.  Rose of Sharon is among the late bloomers, but is a beautiful flower. Its height could be as much as 10 feet, and needs a moist place to grow.

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