Tomato Plant Problems and How to fix Them

If in this year, there are chances that you will most likely be growing tomatoes then you need to stay calm and be patient. Most of the tomato gardeners encounter this issue that their tomatoes progression has been quite slow. At times, they get spongy tomatoes, they get back kind of spots on their tomatoes. Here, we are welcoming you to this planet of Tomato Plant Problems. 4 of the common tomato problems and issues will be shared with you. If at any time you face this issue in your tomatoes, then you need to fix them right at that time. It is the time to save your tomato plants and get start with the harvesting of yummiest and tasty tomatoes on your own. Check out these Tomato Plant Problems and their effective solutions:

Tomato Plant Problems – Black Batch at The Bottom Of Your Tomato

Tomato Plant Problem- Black Batch at The Bottom Of Your Tomato

At times, you might have noticed that your tomato appears to look healthy but as soon as it started to ripen up, it gets black patch or spot right at its bottom. These black patches that appear at the bottom section of a tomato makes it leatherier. You will notice that when you start cutting that black patch tomato then its inner side portion looks quite mealy. One of the main causes of this issue are that your tomatoes are not at all getting suitable amount of calcium. Your soil might also be having less amount of pH that is why it fails to absorb that calcium in it.

How to fix this issue?

You should be conducting a soil test to sort out this issue. If your soil test does not come out to be positive then your local garden Centre will be providing you recommendation to fix this issue. If you will be adding crushed kind of eggshells in your compost pile, then the calcium in your soil will be able to boost more.

Tomato Plant Problems – Cracks Appearing on the ripe tomatoes

Tomato Plant Problem- Cracks Appearing on the ripe tomatoes

You might have noticed that cracks do appear on your ripe tomatoes. When these cracks appear then insects make an entry in these tomatoes and start eating the fruit. Birds also make an attack on these cracked tomatoes. Experts are of this view that rainy weather as well as hot weather let these tomatoes to crack up. When your tomatoes will be facing a long dry spell then they right away get thirsty and start getting cracks on their body.

How to fix this issue?

You should be watering your tomatoes in an even manner. When your tomato fields will be getting balanced amount of water then they will not get thirsty and will not crack their fruit bodies. Balanced amount of water will let your tomato fields to grow in a stable way. This is how you can fix one of the major Tomato Plant Problems.

Tomato Plant Problems – Gardeners getting poor kind of fruit set

Tomato Plant Problem- Gardeners getting poor kind of fruit set

Most of the gardeners face this issue in their tomato fields that they have many flowers in their fields but not so many tomatoes. Why is it so? Those tomatoes turn out to be tasteless and small in size at the same time. It is because of the excess amount of nitrogen in your soil that you are getting a poor fruit set. If your planting your tomatoes very closely together then there are chances that your tomatoes will come out to be smaller in size and you will be getting a poor fruit set.

How to fix this issue?

It is a must for you to test your soil to solve this issue as soon as possible. While planting your trees, you should be leaving at least 2 feet space between your tomatoes then your fields will not be facing this issue. This spacing will let your fields to have an air circulation. This stable and normal air circulation will be allowing your tomato fields to pollinate.

Tomato Plant Problems – Curling of tomato leaves

Curling of tomato leaves

At times, most of the farmers observe that their mature tomato started to have curl leaves. Their older leaves start to curl up. This issue has been affecting 75% of the tomato fields. It is because of the high temperature range and also wet soil that most of the gardeners have been facing this issue. To solve this issue, you have to make sure that your tomato fields drain out entire excess amount of water.

These are the common tomato plant problems; it is the time to prevent them right away.

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