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  • Lightbulb Planter

    20 Beautiful DIY Hanging Planters You Can Make Easily At Home

    Gardening is a great hobby and a creative one. A person new to gardening may have difficulties and tough time to handle things. However, once you gain a bit of experience, you will learn how to manage your garden and how to maintain its beauty. Anyhow, once you have chosen to make gardening as your […]

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    12 Free Plans for Building DIY Greenhouse

    A gardener having a garden without a greenhouse in it is considered an incomplete garden. Having a greenhouse for your plants is a charm in itself. Of course, you won’t be creating a humungous green house in your garden, but only the one that fits and adjusts according to the size of your garden. A […]

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  • Raised-Garden-Beds-Tires

    20 Amazing DIY Raised Garden Bed ideas, Designs and Plans

    DIY raised garden beds ideas are not only beautiful, but also creative and interesting to implement. Moreover, they are comfortable, and add a perfect decoration to your garden enhancing its charms and attractiveness. Raised garden bed ideas also transform your garden into a lovely place where you can grow vegetables, edible weeds, flowers, plants, etc. […]

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    PVC Sleeve Planters

    25 Creative PVC Pipe Projects for Gardeners

    PVC pipes are a common construction material and are very cheap to buy. Best of all, they are available in read-made form in the market. You simply visit a store, and buy a PVC pipe of your desired length. These PVC pipe are used in drainage, electricity wirings, etc. and you can also drill, cut […]