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  • 5) Monterey Dr. Iron Organic Lawn Pellet

    10 Best Organic lawn fertilizer

    It is important to care of your lawn. By organic lawn care we mean the use of natural products with blend of proper lawn care techniques in order to maintain a healthy lawn that is free from weeds and other disease that might damage delicate flowers in your garden. Consider the soil on which you […]

  • Blackberries

    15 Edible Weeds That Add Nutritious Value

    You might be one of those gardeners who daily spend hours just to kill those weeds that you never love to have them in your lawn and garden. Well, have you ever thought for a while when you wear a mask, the pair of gloves and carrying a canister filled with chemical to kill weeds, […]

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  • The Importance of Frost Dates

    Best Planting Dates for Seeds – Part 2

    In “Best Planting Dates for Seeds- Part 1”, we discussed, the methodology of devising a seed plantation calendar for your own home garden step by step (in case you missed the previous article, you can always go back and check it out). We established that a gardening calendar was a gardener’s most honest friend.   Moreover, […]

  • seeds for plants

    Seeds to Grow Plants and Vegetables

    Plants can be grown by a lot of methods including partitioning, dividing or simply sowing seeds to grow plants. While the modern gardeners take on different approaches to cultivating plants, most of the traditional ones prefer buying their seeds. The satisfaction of watching a bud blossom is undeniably the best reward a gardener can get […]

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    PVC Sleeve Planters

    25 Creative PVC Pipe Projects for Gardeners

    PVC pipes are a common construction material and are very cheap to buy. Best of all, they are available in read-made form in the market. You simply visit a store, and buy a PVC pipe of your desired length. These PVC pipe are used in drainage, electricity wirings, etc. and you can also drill, cut […]