Keyhole Garden Ideas – Make Your Own Keyhole Bed

Keyhole garden have slowly become very popular around the world. These keyhole garden beds are also known as raised beds that are mostly shaped like a keyhole. Basically, their shape is like square and round, where the center area is cut into it. That makes the compost center contain materials and make it very accessible to step into that raised bed. Another major purpose of the keyhole design is that it maximizes the space to grow even more in a raised bed. You can actually raise a lot of small keyhole gardens because of that particular design.

For those of you who don’t know that keyhole gardening is very ideal for the children. People who have the ambulatory like church or monastery, places walking areas like hot, soil, and dry are very hard to make. This style of raising garden depends on which type of materials you are using to build and the way you plant them. There are so many ways that you can make your own DIY keyhole gardens.

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1) A simple keyhole idea using the natural bricks:

1) A simple keyhole idea using the natural bricks

The idea to make this keyhole garden design requires a main center area to self contained the composting to utilize the apparatus. It is perfect for someone who likes the idea to fertilizing it naturally. Some natural rocks used to make the walls of the keyhole garden that looks very lovely. As recommended using the recyclable materials to break down the soil make improvements to raise the vegetables and stifle weeds in them at the same time is something very friendly approach. [Link ]

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2) DIY (Do-it-yourself) keyhole garden:

2) DIY (Do-it-yourself) keyhole garden

This keyhole design is filled with the dahlias a manufactured block that looks clean would work for the modern home looks, and in so many areas dahlia (plant) tubers needs to be lifted and planted for each season to grow. That is why the extreme accessibility to raise a keyhole garden bed is perfect for this one. You can take your favorite stool or chair in the center of the keyhole design. And easily can sit and enjoy while lifting and planting the dahlia tubers without any strain. This type of design would work for any kind of plant you choose but still needs to take care of like dahlias.  [Link ]

3) Veggie keyhole garden for a small backyard:

3) Veggie keyhole garden for a small backyard

This type of keyhole utilizes the idea of having a central composting water system with the intention to make a pathway. It is a great hybrid for accessibility to raise a keyhole garden bed. All you have to do is to walk down in the middle of the design for doing weed and water. You can add some composting basket as well. Where else you will find that much easier work.  [Link ]

4) Valhalla keyhole garden project:

4) Valhalla keyhole garden project

This Valhalla project looks very inspiration for the first time keyhole design. You might say that Africa is the place where this idea was originated from, since Valhalla project can helps you reintegrate the veterans. They included some useful information about the current military people are doing to help and educate the people to become better in the farming techniques. A larger example of that shows the main central basket and water are composted in the center of the garden. The wall is very attractive and builds with bricks. This method of technique is the perfect example for a keyhole garden.  [Link ]

5) A video guide on keyhole gardening in Africa:

This video has a very wonderful showing how the families in Africa are usually made their keyhole gardens to grow foods and they depend on it for every meal as well. Keyhole garden in Africa has helped the poor people not only in supplement to make meager diets, but also saved their lives by improving their livelihood in so many ways.  you can use the same information anywhere in around the world as far as you can to create raised vegetable keyhole garden in your land That is self-sustainable and productive. You can grow and produce all the healthy vegetables in a keyhole style.  [Link ]

6) DIY keyhole garden made by the green thumb:

6) DIY keyhole garden made by the green thumb

This is a very simple and short video that shows how to create your own keyhole beds in one day with the minimal supplies and materials and cost, it is very good to see a certain someone to building a keyhole garden bed right in front of his eyes. The whole idea of this project feels more real. This video has done a great job by showing you how it is simple to create a very beautiful keyhole garden of your own.

These are some of the real facts about the keyhole garden beds ideas. We hope that this would have find a lot of help and useful information, of how to easy it is to create and maintain a beautiful and affordable keyhole garden. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.  [Link ]

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