How to Grow Indoor Vines ? – Tips

Vines are available in a wide range of colors, forms and shapes.  These lush green plants add color, poise and a homely touch to your indoor corner. If you are confused about which vines to use look at our collection of different vines (link to previous article). Vines can be edible, fragrant and flowering. Growing a vine can be slightly difficult, but once they start their flow, their growth is very rapid. You just have to properly take care of these vines by keeping in mind a few things.


Vines have their own needs and they require certain treatments for them to flourish. We are going to share with you Indoor Vines Tips. It can help you and get idea for Fast Growing Indoor Vines.

  • Water needs

For indoor vines, it is necessary that you water them only when you feel that the top 2 to 3 inches of soil feels dry. In addition to that, you should know that one of the major reasons of the death of indoor plants is over-watering them. You may need to water the plant until water drips through the drainage hole, and afterwards you need to drain the pot on the whole.

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  • Support

For vines to grow, it is quite vital to provide a trellis or other support for the plants to climb on. On the other hand you can also grow the plants on a hanging container which will allow it to cascade free.

  • Fertilize

Plants no matter where they are need their food and nutrition. For that you need to regularly fertilize them in spring and summer. The needs of each plant vary according to their needs, so much like other plants you have to start with slow fertilization in the vines and then increase. Heavy amounts of fertilizer can lead to the plant death. You can start with a diluted solution to one/fourth the strength indicated on the label. Furthermore if your leaves become pale green you can increase the feeding to one-half strength which can be added every week.

  • Light

The right light exposure is quite necessary for any plant. The growing requirements for each plant vary and most plants need their 4 hours of sunlight every day. Most of the vines don’t do well in bright direct light, this is particularly during summers. There has to be a certain balance between the light and shade because complete shade can also ruin the plants.

  • Pruning

Start pruning the vines when you see a new growth emerge during spring, this certainly points to the fact that the plant is not dormant. However, with flowering plants need to be pruned by the end of blooming season. For pruning you can start with whatever length you desire, the cuts should be made right above the node. A node is a point where the leaf grows from the stem. This can be done even if the leaf is no longer present.

Over all with all the plants, you have to build and association with the plants. The requirements for each plant vary and you have to cater to their needs accordingly. Most of all your plants need your love and attention just like little babies.

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