How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Raised beds display solutions to a number of problems, and prove to be one of the most sought after dreams of a gardener.  Many people may consider how to build raised bed vegetable garden to be a hefty task. But in actuality it is nothing less than a gardeners dream; from the day he starts weeding to the day harvesting is done.

There are a number of uses to this activity; the soil tends to be on your side by getting warm in spring on a faster pace and drains conveniently in a wet weather. In addition to that, raised beds work best for people who have back aches and find it difficult to stoop down and worked. How to build a raised bed proves to be a dilemma most of the times, with results going haywire. Over here we will help you on how to build a raised bed easily.

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Demarcate your patch

First and foremost start by demarcating your area of work. You need to determine how you want your raised bed?  Your easiest bet would be a 4×4 foot square area, which is a distance most of the people can work with easily. After determining this, you need to rake the area and level the ground which will make sure that your raised bed lies flat.


Creating walls

Simply start by taking four 1-foot long 4x4s wooden logs; eight 4 foot long 2×6 for making side rails and four 2 feet long 2x2s for the centre stakes.

Begin with setting your 4×4 on every corner of the square. Take one of the wall and start screwing the first 2×6 in order to connect the corners first. Place another 2×6 board on the top. Make sure the ends of each 2×6 should meet with the sides of the post. Making use of angle-square will ensure that your rails and posts are lined up at right angles.


Connecting walls

Connect your walls by erecting the sidewalls and opposite to each other, while the posts are outside. Two side rails should be screwed next into the posts forming the other walls of the raised beds. Similar to the previous step, make sure that the ends of rails aligns with the sides of posts.


Squaring the structure

You need to use a measuring tape for this, taking measurements diagonally on both the directions to confirm that the frame is square. Make some adjustments to the raised beds till the time both diagonals are equal in length.


Firm it up!

We need to ensure the frame retains its position. This can be achieved by nailing a 2×2 wooden steak at the middle point on the outer side of the walls. The stakes should be fastened with deck screws so that they will retain their position. This will be repeated for the rest of the sides.


Fill it up with soil

This raised bed is to be filled with soil now. It is up to you to improve the texture of your soil by adding in organic matter such as compost or peat moss. Water this bed to make it ready for plantation.


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