Guide of Dream Garden Ideas

Who wouldn’t want to work their way towards making their dream garden this year? It is every gardener’s goal.  With spring right around the corner we need to pull up our socks and plan strategies for your dream garden. Whether you are looking for a bed full of vegetables or a garden with elegant flowers or an oasis full of dreamy landscaping, we have got your back.

The feisty one of us have already planned their ways towards achieving their dream garden, but not to worry. Even though timing is one of the most crucial factors in getting the right results, start as early as possible.

Over here we have a several dream garden Ideas, which you can use to achieve the dream garden you have always craved for.

Initiate the seeds indoors

seeds indoors

Depending on locality, there is a chance you might be a little late for this. But none the less, this activity can be continued next year. It is suggested that instead of buying started plants to sow, you should start seeding indoors for your dream garden. Depending on the last frost days, you would have two options. You can plant the seeds in the ground or start seeding inside. You have to be delicate with your seedlings, spritzing them with water instead of pouring water directly. Treat them like babies. Even if you are planning them outside it is advisable to cover them with old paper towel rolls.

Work your way with sharp tools

Work your way with sharp tools

I believe it is a universal truth about the tools, the sharper, and the better. Whether you’re working in kitchen appliances or your garden, sharp tools play a vital role in getting thing done right! Get your pruning shears, shovels, spades and other tools sharp ahead of time for hassle-free gardening. Your lawn mower also holds a vital position in all of this. Make sure to sharpen the blades as well.  On a different note, your tools would have a longer life if you take care of them after every use.

Start with beginner Gardening Projects

Start with beginner Gardening Projects

From all of the dream garden ideas, I believe this idea something everyone has faced. Especially the ones who have tried and failed or feel that they don’t have a green thumb naturally. Starting with container gardens and pots can squeeze you quickly to the good gardening. Bag Gardens are also a natural way of enjoying your gardening and adjusting with the seeds. They are low-effort, and you can involve your kids as well in such gardening.

Getting your soil ready

This is another one of those vital dream garden ideas. Who doesn’t like to watch their garden grow? But at the same time, it’s the nitty-gritty things that make it all the more attractive and also connect us with our planting. Fixing your soil is also included in this. This includes the manual labour of making your soil where you can break the large clods and rake it thoroughly to give it a refined look and feel.

Before you begin, it is advisable to see the condition of your soil. If last year’s crop has sucked in the nutrients from your soil, you may want to add some specific minerals to it, which will modify the overall condition of your soil. Sandy soils work differently than clay soil.  First you need to determine your soil’s PH level.  This in addition to the condition of your soil will determine the sort of amendments you will require. Mix the material in by digging up the soil from 6 to 12 inches. Rake your way through the soil so that the minerals combine well.

Compost making For Your Garden

Compost is a super food for your garden. There is rocket science to it. Just mix the useless “green trash” which you come across almost daily.  This includes the lawn clippings, food scraps other green waste. You can use compost tea as well as compost made worms.  This will be added to the soil after weeding and clearing the planting area. Add a 4 inch layer of compost to the soil and mix it thoroughly in the new beds.

Pruning the shrubs and trees

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You can conveniently prune your trees and shrubs during winters to prevent them from the disease since the warm weather only increases the possibility of disease. It is a must to do this properly, so as to avoid irreparable damage to your plants. You should prune fruit trees before the buds begin into bloom. Otherwise, there’s a chance of you getting a tinier crop because of stressing the tree. In addition to that you can divide your perennials too before their spring growth.

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Choose your new plants carefully

Choose your new plants carefully

An important part of the plantation is how you want your plants. You must consider the sort of environment you live in, the soil, lighting and other weather conditions. Plants that love sunlight won’t do well in the shade and vice versa. In addition to that, you must consider that plants have friends too. You should give them an environment where they would grow their best, bearing in mind the plants that grow best together. In other words, you have to see which plant will love what place, the soil conditions and the climate.

Keep track of planting and harvesting

Keep track of planting and harvesting

This is another thing you might want to know about the plants you are using. How long will it take them to mature fully, how big will they grow and if you are planting vegetables, when can you harvest them. You can maintain charts to follow up on your plants. If you are a beginner and this is difficult for you then worry not, nurseries normally have plants that are already flowering so that you can plant them right away.

The garden layout that appeals to you

The garden layout that appeals to you

The best gardens have a detailed set of plans for them, whatever the magnitude of the area. You need to diagram your garden or landscape it in a detailed way.This will allow you to get a rough idea of how to get the best out of a small place or a huge chunk of land. Let’s say if you have a small space, a square foot garden will work just fine for you. Rounded edges give you more planting space.

Calibrating your Garden

Calibrating your garden

You can make your gardening easy and hassle free with just a few hacks. Start with calibrating sprinklers in your garden so as to conserve water and to use the right amount of water for your garden. You can also go with the drip irrigation system that waters your garden on its own. Make things easier for yourself so that you can do them timely.


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