Gourmet Veggies for Your Vegetable Patch

Deciding what to veggies to grow in your vegetable patch is always a tough call to make. This becomes increasingly more difficult to decide if you have limited space. In situations like these, you would want to make most of the space that you do have. You would want to choose vegetables that aren’t easy to find locally and are full of flavor. Basically, vegetables that will just make all the hard work worth it. So to make your life just a bit easier we have put together a list of veggies we think you should seriously consider for your veggie patch.


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Gourmet Veggies for Your Vegetable Patch

Seasonal fare

Seasonal crops are starting to sprout around this time of the year. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Rhubarb

Their taste multiplies by ten folds when you consume them fresh. Rhubarb is a great leaf vegetable with edible stalks with a strong sour flavor. Its taste is similar to celery but significantly more acidic. It combines with fruits in dessert dishes like pies and crumbles which counteract the tartness.


  1. Sorrel

Sorrel is a flavorsome perennial leaf vegetable that was once commonly used in soups, stews, salads, and sauces. It vanished from kitchens for quite some time but are now finding their way back. They generally have a tarty lemony mouth-watering flavor. Sorrel tastes exceptionally better during the earlier days of the spring season. As the season goes by the tastes starts to get bitter. You can use the tender long leaves for your salads and soups. It also goes great in stews and different sauces. Cheese, poultry, and eggs go very well in combination with it.


  1. Nasturtiums

If you’re a fan of pickled veggies then nasturtiums are a great choice. Nasturtium leaves have a peppery sort of flavor. Even the flowers and seeds are edible and are commonly used in a variety of dishes. You can take advantage of its peppery flavor and vibrant color, using them in salads and soups. The flowers and leaves will both look and taste great in all kinds of dishes. The flowers can also be used to make some amazing acidic vinegar. Chopped nasturtium leaves also make a very nice addition to mayo and cream cheese.

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  1. Capers

Capers are hardy perennials with beautiful flowers and prickly stems. They grow on soil that has a significant amount of sand and gravel. The seeds though usually take more than a couple of months in germination. They add a pleasant but sharp flavor. They are a great use as a garnish and in mayonnaise and even on toppings on omelets and pizzas.


Cheffy Vegetables

  1. Beetroot

Beetroots are one of the healthiest and most flavorsome vegetables out there. They can be used in a great variety of salads and soups. They taste delicious no matter what way you eat them. Boiled, baked or roasted they taste amazing. Apart from their outstanding taste beets have many health benefits too. Beetroots have an exceptional nutritional value. They are rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. They are also very popular among MasterChef contestants too if you’re a fan.


  1. Broad beans and Peas

Pea and broad bean shoots will be a lovely addition to your vegetable patch. You can make excellent salads combining these two veggies together with some butter and some seasoning. They are full of taste and come with loads of health benefits too.

Broad beans and Peas

Flavorsome fruit

  1. Gooseberries

Gooseberries are delicious shrubs that are an excellent choice for jams. They can be green or red but both are equally delicious. They are a great evening snack and the plant itself is very pretty. They are full of anti-oxidants that will clean up most toxins in your body. They are fresh succulent berries with a tarty taste. They can be eaten on their own or can be used in muffins and pies and ice-creams.


  1. White Strawberries

White strawberries are also a great choice for your garden. Especially if you have children in your house it will be great fun picking and eating white strawberries with them.

Spring salads

  1. Agretti


Agretti is a juicy fern that enhances the taste of any salad it is added to. It is also popularly known as a monk’s beard and sometimes as saltwort. It kind of tastes likes a mixture of fennel with chives. Agretti was once highly sought after to be used in making glass but is now used in gourmet Italian dishes. Agretti fried in olive oil with some lemon juice makes for a very delicious taste.

  1. Salad leaves

Salad leaves

Salad leaves flourish in small patches. They are fresh and tasty ingredients to grow. They are ready to eat and go great with salads as the name suggests. Salad greens are also highly nutritious and are full of anti-oxidants to cleanse your body accompanied with vitamins A and K.

Which you would love to eat Gourmet Veggies for Your Vegetable Patch. Share your experience with us.

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