12 Free Rabbit Hutch Plans and Designs

Rabbits are usually known as the most kept pets in our homes across the world. There are so many different breeds of rabbits which has short and long hair. They both are equally loved by their owners. It has been seen that kids are especially very fond of rabbits. They love it when they hop around the garden and the way they hold the carrots in their front paws and nibble them. In the jungle, they live in a burrow. It is considered their hiding place and place of comfort. They usually give birth to their offspring breeds in their burrows. In order to give rabbits a natural environment so they can live longer life and their breed stays in successful captivity, it is very necessary to create a bunny hutch or a house for them.

Rabbits are mostly fond of eating fruits and vegetables. You need to keep a fresh stock of fruits and vegetables for them, which you should feed them on regular basis. Since they have a faster digestion system, excrete and eat a lot, you should clean their captivity on regular basis. When you are building a rabbit hutch you need to keep in mind a design that is very easy to clean, feeding them is easier and they have a lot of space for captivity. You can easily build a rabbit house in your house all selves rather than going to the market and making a customized outdoor and indoor bunny hutch. You can easily build your rabbit hutch at home. It will make with a cheap price and doing it might actually be a great activity as well. First thing you need is a blueprint for making a hutch to know how to build it, below we have listed 10 best free DIY (do-it-yourself) rabbit hutch designs and plans.

A small rabbit hutch (can accommodate for 3 to 6 rabbits):

You will need four pieces of wood and in equal size of 150cm. it is for the long section of the cage. Take the long wood pallets and cut them in one meter pieces for the structural solid of the long wood. You’ll need eight pieces for that. Nail long sections with the short ones and form the bottom rabbit barn. Now nail the wire sheet on the sides at the bottom of the cage. Make a small structure with wood and attach it on the top so rabbits can come out easily. Cover the entire wire sheet completely.

Building Small Rabbit Hutch

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Wooden DIY (do-it-yourself) rabbit pen:

You’ll need two 600mm x 581mm x 19mm of the wooden frame. Three 581mm x 50mm x 19mm of the wooden frame, One 1200mm x 600mm x 19mm of the wooden frame, one solid door of 575mm x 350mm x 19mm, and one mesh door the size of 575mm x 655mm x 19mm. one metal over strip wire of 25mm x 3mm x 3740 mm. two wooden structure and one 1400mm, x 800mm x 19mm frame. Try to join these panels together securely with a box and wire sheet to make a perfect hutch for rabbits.

Build a rabbit hutch for your bunnies to call home.

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The top latch wooden rabbit hutch plan:

To build this rabbit hutch you can start from with 2 x 2 boars that should be cut in 24 inch pieces. The quantity needed is 2 for it. Other two should be cut in a three inches short to four feet. That can help you nail together a 2 x 4 rectangular structure. Nail the sire sheet frames in two frames from front door to the bottom. With the help of the door hinges attach a frame at the bottom frame when cage opens and swing downwards. You have to make an enclosed box at the corner of the hutch in order to provide a warm, safe, and dry place for the bunnies in case the temperature gets colder or it is raining.

The top latch wooden rabbit hutch plan

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The perfect rabbit hutch building plan

You can easily make a rabbit hutch and running areas for them. You’ll need 24 x 96 of chicken wire with two door hinges, one hook and eye latching devices for door’s security, two sheets of plywood with the measuring number of 24 x 72, eight pieces of 2 x 4 in length. Six long staples, to construct the board you will need 48 pieces that should be nailed together. Nailing them together you will get rectangular shape, now slowly enter the plywood board in the cage to make a box like structure to provide shelter, dry area, and warmth to the rabbits. Cover it with mesh wire but door should be attached from the front with the help of some hinges.

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How to Perfect Build a Rabbit Hutch

DIY Pallet Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

For the bottom part, you will need a lengthy wood about 30 x 44. The inner one should be 28.5 for the mesh wire. Its back should be 38 x 40 that could be nailed from bottom frame. The sides must be 38 x 30 and they also be nailed it. The front door should be secured with hinges and mesh wire. Try to attach the front frame with the rest of it. Top frame should be similar to the bottom but made with wood entirely. [More Details]

DIY Pallet Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

4 stalls rabbit hutch (video tutorials)

It is a rabbit hutch made with a length of 8 feet which frames are 2 x 4 this frames is made with wooden materials and nailed with mesh wire according to the size of it. Once you are done with the bottom frame, you can add side panels to the hutch. It is a DIY hutch that has 4 stalls meaning that around 8 rabbits can get fit in it. You can use 2 x 2 plywood panels to fix the bottom frame the way you suppose to make the top frame. Once you are done attaching the pieces to the door which is then you can nail it with 3 inches hinges and fix the right side so it can be open easily. Next step try to nail together the frames and add 2 x 4 panels on the top of it. if are living in a country where you experience harsh weather like winter and rainfall then you can attach screen panels to keep out the snow from the hutch.

Rabbit house pen (video tutorials):

It is a rabbit house that can be accommodate for four to eight rabbits. The size of this DIY hutch is 8 feet long and 5 foot tall. Support is required for the ground. You can also call it stand what raises the pen from the ground. You can make some portions in the hutch by adding some panels. You can cover the half area with mesh wire and other with plywood. This is a highly recommended option since rabbits will be doing excrete in it. You can easily clean excrete and make small houses with slide wood allowing rabbits to play, run and jump in the enclosure.

How to make a rabbit hutch with pallets?

It is one of the cheapest DIY bunny hutch designs that can save you a lot of money using wooden pallets. You can make both sides equal from top to bottom. The size of it should be decided on the number of rabbits hutch accommodates. The top one should completely be wooden to avoid the sunlight, rainfall and wind. Back and front should be equal and so the sides. It is up to you either you can make all the walls wooden or use mesh wire in order to keep an eye on the front wall. This hutch should be kept outdoors.

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How to make a rabbit hutch with pallets

Cheap Rabbit Hutch

You’ll need the two pieces of 2 x 2 lumbers that should be 32 percent long. Some pieces should be 48 x 45 that will be the frame, one piece of plywood about 21 x 22 long for interior wall, two pieces of lumber about 17 feet long and asphalt shingles for rooting. Make a frame and attach plywood with the flooring this should be done with nails. Install the interior wall frames and then slats the outdoor rabbit hutch. They should be stand below like apple corners little upward.

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Cheap Rabbit Hutch

Simple Rabbit Hutch Design

In order to make this rabbit hutch, you will need a good supply of plywood, mesh wire, hinges, lock and nails. First you can design the hutch according to the rabbit numbers. You can make it large or small according to your need. Flooring and top should be equal from both sides. Make it a rectangular shape.  Front wall will be different because of the door. It can provide shelter and warmth for the rabbits.

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Simple Rabbit Hutch Design

Three Story Rabbit Hutch – Triple Wooden Rabbit Hutch

The 3 story bunny hutch types shown are not while frequent for the reason that single story along with two story designs. Such as the two story hutches, these kind of living space preserving models can be purchased as being a single hutch having gain access to ramps hooking up all 3 amounts or perhaps while 3 personal timber bunny hutch models stacked one particular along with another. When you’re likely to residence a couple of bunny, any 3 account outside bunny hutch is perhaps looking at. Remember hutches with no an internal bottom part bottom may offer you awesome your lawn to lie on, although needs to end up being reinforced which has a screen to avoid any dig-out evade. [More Details]

Three Story Rabbit Hutch - Triple Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Plastic Panel Rabbit Pens – Bunny Playpen Areas

The cheap plastic panel shown tend to be effortless to put together along with can be employed having a variety of modest domestic pets. Including the majority of the rabbits. Depending on just how along with certainly where a pet or perhaps rabbit playpen will likely be used, the actual positives and negatives of merely one layout in excess of a different vary. When thinking of any light and portable but durable solution, these kind of cheap plastic models tend to be something to think about. The majority are expandable which usually allow you to generate the pen size you would like. [More Details]

Plastic Panel Rabbit Pens - Bunny Playpen Areas

Wire Panel Rabbit Exercise Pen

The wire panel bunny work out pen comes with a durable, chew-proof perform place pertaining to sometimes interior or perhaps outside utilize. When kids will likely be shelling out perform moment with the rabbit, take into account one of many bigger bunny pen ideas or perhaps expandable pens that may cater to them all. After playing moment has expired, a large number of models just collapse way up pertaining to handy storage space. [More Details]

Wire Panel

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