Fast Growing Indoor Vines

House vines can be considered as the gem among the greens.  They are easy to grow; easy to take care of, give your house a beautiful look and further more they can be grown in shade as well. These fast growing vines are fond of moderate temperatures and can be grown easily in warmer temperatures as well. In order to grow these fast growing plants, hanging baskets or ample floor space is required since they are runners. This is probably one of the things which I love about these plants; you get the space and chance to arrange them in whatever way you like. Be it a pole support or a wire support system, these fast growing plants magnify the beauty of a dry dull corner. You can also prune back these vines to control their growth as much as you like.

We have stacked for you a selection of fast growing indoor vines that are easy on the eyes and highly affordable.

Foliage Boosting Vines

Most of the vines are better known for their healthy foliage and unique look. Arrowhead philodendrons are one such plant with wide leaves, lush green aura and white stripes. These white marks only add to the beauty of this plant. In addition to that it also produces tiny flowers, which usually un-noticed because of the wide leaves.

Heart-leaf philodendrons, often known as “money plant,” is a sister plant of the Arrowhead philodendrons. Belonging from the same family, this vine has relatively smaller leaves which are heart shaped with artistic white markings. The leaves are 2 to 3 inches long and this plant rarely grows any flowers.

Heart-leaf philodendrons

Rex Begonia vines grow to about 1 to 3 feet tall when they are planted in a container. The leaves are elongated with silver markings on the top and bottom skin.  What makes this vine so appealing are the red tendrils and the green summer blossoms.

Rex Begonia vines

Edible vines

Blue passion-flower vines are gorgeous vines which produce 3 to 4 inch wide scented flowers in summers. The flowers are disk shaped with an enticing look, having hues of blue, white and purple in addition to an outer ruffle. This vine normally grows to 15 feet tall and also produce orange-yellow fruit which is edible. You can easily control its height by pruning off the extra stems and leaving the flowers intact.

Vanilla plant vines are quite famous for the vanilla pods or vanilla beans. These vines grow oblong leaves on very shorts stalks which covers the whole stem. This is attached to fleshy support or roots. It grows about twenty flowers during the growing season and vanilla flavoring is also manufactured from the bean or the seedpod of this magnificent vine.

Vanilla plant vines

Vines with fragrance

If adding color to your dull place wasn’t reason enough to grow these vines, you can certainly grow them since they also add an appealing odor to your house. These vines fill your house with sweet aromas in the form of flowers or leaves.

Balfour Aralia produces leaves on green stems that have grey spots on them. These leaves produce a sweet aroma and this vine can grow to a length of 6 feet. The leaves are later divided into groups of three leaflets with edges that are wavy in nature. It also produces small flowers but they appear only in spring.

Balfour Aralia

Marginata balfour aralia produces green leaves having white edges and a sweet smell.

Marginata balfour aralia

Madagascar jasmine vines produce stacks of white tubular-shaped blossoms with ever green leathery leaves. These stems reach to about 15 feet long when grown in a natural habitat. However, this reaches to about 2 to 3 when grown indoors.  The sweet smelling blossoms bloom in spring all through the summers.

Flowering Vines

In addition to the lush green leaves these vines add color to your house with the beautiful flowers. In addition to that you also get a homely look with intricate blossoms.

Pink parfait Mandeville gives you ever green stems which grow to about 30 feet tall when outside. This vine produces double trumpet shaped pink flowers which bloom throughout the summers.

Sun Parasol burgundy Mandeville produces 2 to 3 inch wide flowers which are dark burgundy in color on their base and fade to a light pink wine color. The stem is bushy and 10 to 15 feet long when grown outside. These trumpet shaped blossoms grow throughout the summers. These are fast growing plants which need to be pruned regularly if you want to control their height.

Sun Parasol burgundy Mandeville

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