15 DIY Solar Water Heater Plans to Reduce Energy Bills

The world we are living in is becoming quite costly regarding to the household items. One of the major problems that we are facing is paying high utility bills for no reasons. They have to pay a lot of energy bills every winter to use warm water by using geezers and other source of energy that cost them so much money. Below we have written interesting facts about some DIY Solar Water Heater Plans to Reduce Energy Bills so you don’t have to call another mechanic person to come do set this. You can easily build them as you like. Let’s have look 15 DIY Solar Water Heater Plans to Reduce Energy Bills.

1) Homemade Mini Pump Forced Circulation Solar Powered Water Heater

1) Homemade mini pump forced circulation solar powered water heater

There is one great project that can help you to have lots of hot water showers without worrying about the utility bills. This DIY solar water system is very wonderful and have made with totally with a practical idea that brought to you by the INSTRUCTABLES. [Link]

2) Batch Solar Water Heater with Stock Tank

2) Batch solar water heater with stock tank

About this project is its shinning glass that uses as reflector. You will be happy to see its results, they are specially designed for homemade that can use sun rays to heat the water very quickly. [Link]

3) Solar Water Heater

3) Solar water heater3) Solar water heater

Another homemade project this is broken into three parts individually, the emitter, the collector, and the installation, this DIYA solar water heater system is very helpful idea that can make any DIY really happy comes with money saving benefits.[Link]

4) DIY Solar Water Heating System

3) Solar water heater

A solar powered DIY water heater done not only serves you as a financial benefit, but they are also very unique and interesting ideas to go with it. Although they are built by the solar they can adjust in your house environment as well. [Link]

5) Solar Powered Hot Water Shower and Heater

5) Solar powered hot water shower and heater

If you want to save household energy and want to enjoy your winters without having any worry about energy bills and costs in the end, then this solar powered hot water shower and heater project will cost you approximately $25 with some other unused household items and lumber. [Link]

6) DIY THERMOSYPHON Water Heating System

6) DIY THERMOSYPHON water heating system

With this project you also get some kid of blueprint, which can make it very easy and understandable in so many ways. Another awesome idea to that is built with solar you can add to make your winter warmth without worrying of losing any cash every month. [Link]

7) Passive DIY Solar Water Heater

7) Passive DIY solar water heater

If you talk about simplicity, then there is no other way you can think about this project that simple yet very practical and convenient in its own way, with solar power water heating arrangement. [Link]

8) Solar Water Hot Batch Collector

8) Solar water hot batch collector

This homemade water heating system will save your time from building and will provide you the much needed warm water in the winters for many years to come. It is a great DIY project for your home and will provide you hot water on regular basis without giving you any trouble of cash. [Link]

9) DIY Solar Panel Water Heater

9) DIY solar panel water heater

If you have any kind of fondness about DIY then this solar panel water heater project is perfect for you. You will not only get thrilled or excited while building your own solar terminal panel, but you will also be more than happy to get warm water all winters without paying a dime for it. The fact of the matter is it will make you a very popular personality in your neighborhood, where people will be eager to know how you came up with this great idea. [Link]

10) Solar Powered Hot Water Collection

10) Solar powered hot water collection

If you are all about DIY (do-it yourself) person then the chances are the most things that you need for this project you will find already in your garage. It is certain that you will find everything from your nearest box store. This solar powered hot water collection is a beneficial project and it is very easy to build as well. [Link]

11) Simple DIY Solar Water Heater

11) Simple DIY solar water heater

As the name goes this is another very simple DIY project that can help you getting warm water during in winters without paying the high utility bills, it is more like harnessing the power of the sun to help Mother Nature rather than harming any nature technology. [Link]

12) Solar powered Water Heater with a difference

12) Solar powered water heater with a difference

A homemade water heater that would really surprise you, you want to know why? Because some Chinese farmer has invented this by using the empty beer bottles, this shows how DIY has proven the credibility of a human. [Link]

13)  Solar Hot Water Heating Package – DIY Solar Kits

Solar Hot Water Heating Package - DIY Solar Kits


14) Double Duty DIY Solar Water Heater

14) Double Duty DIY Solar Water Heater

One of the best things about this homemade project is that you can easily adjust its size and design that meets your needs. [Link]

15) Gulf Stream Solar Kits for a Large Family

Gulf Stream Solar Kits for a Large Family

The Solar Collector The solar collector is made up of several vacuum insulated glass tubes that absorb the sun’s rays. It contains a double tube design with intricate layers of borosilicate glass, aluminum, solar filament, and copper pipes. [Link]

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