DIY Log Splitters for Cutting Firewood

Log splitters are always a great investment if you have a fireplace or chimney. They save both precious money and time. And generally, just make life a whole lot easier for you. All over the world, people are moving towards more sustainable lifestyles. Using wood as an alternative heating method is a very good idea as wood is a renewable resource, as it comes from plants and hence more of it can always be harvested as compared to fossil fuels which will eventually run out. Burning wood is also a very economical as opposed to other fuels. The only problem with wood though is that it takes a lot of effort as well as time to prepare wood for a fire. This is where log splitters come on and make your life a whole lot easier. Generally, log splitters are pretty expensive if you buy them from stores, so here are a few ideas to build your own log splitters at home without much hassle.

Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Once you built this excellent machine, you won’t have to lift a single log anymore. As the name suggests, it works based on a hydraulic system. It will definitely keep you firewood box filled to them brim without much effort.

Here’s a link to on how to build your own Hydraulics based wood splitter. Be sure to take a look at the useful recommendations and hints on the next page as well.

Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Small Log Splitter

This wood splitter is smaller and size but its size is not a testament to the power it possesses. To say it packs a punch would not be an overstatement. The small size is an added benefit as it increases the portability of the device. It will fulfill most of your major wood splitting needs with ease.

Follow the link to learn how to make your own small log splitter.

Small Log Splitter

30-Ton Powerhouse Log Splitter

As is evident from the name, the 30-ton powerhouse is an incredibly strong machine. It will reduce large trees to neatly piled wood stacks with ease.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on making this powerful machine at home.

Two-Way Log Splitter

This is one of the log splitters that you will just love using. This is a powerful machine and will cut through small or large pieces of wood with the slightest difficulty.

Two-Way Log Splitter

DIY Log Splitter Loading Arm

Picking up logs for hours can be an arduous task. It will definitely take a toll on your back at the end of the day. The loading arm wood splitter is an easy remedy to that situation. It has a couple of buttons and an operating lever to control the loading arm and the splitting wedge so you can do your job without breaking a sweat.

Follow the link to learn about how you can build a loading arm wood splitter for yourself.

DIY Log Splitter Loading Arm

Unicorn Wood Splitter

The Unicorn Wood splitter takes an entirely different approach to splitting wood. It uses an auger style sharp ended splitter (which kind of looks like a unicorn horn).

Here’s a link on building your own unicorn wood splitter.

Homemade Portability

In some cases, it is just way easier to carry your wood splitter to the firewood rather than carrying your wood to the wood splitter. Portability is a very useful attribute to a wood splitter. It just makes your life very easy, to say the least.

Click on the link to learn how to make your own economical and portable log splitter.

Homemade Portability

Homemade Log Splitter

Here’s how you can transform the scrap metal lying around at your house into your homemade log splitter. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Manual Log Splitter

This is a very handy machine which is very economical to build. It barely costs anything but isn’t as efficient as some other machines in this article. It will still make life much easier for you if you’re still used to using an axe to split wood. Follow the link to build your own manual log splitter.

Flywheel Wood Splitter

The Flywheel splitter is perfect if you’re looking to make most of what you have around you. With a little bit of ingenuity and innovation, you can build this convenient machine right at home. Click the link to find out how.

Quick Working Log Splitter

Follow the link to build a fast and efficient log splitter which will pile your firewood into stacks ready to use anytime.

Foot Power Design

If you’re looking to build a DIY wood splitter that works on foot power this one’s for you.

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