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  • How-to-Grow-In-Limited-Space

    Modern Gardening – How to Grow In Limited Space

    When living in an apartment or small home, you won’t have a lot of space to create a large garden outdoors. Thankfully, gardening indoors is becoming easier than ever, due to the adoption and advancement of numerous gardening techniques that have been altered to work properly in small spaces. If you want to live as […]

  • 11) DIY recycled barrel planter

    15 Spring DIY Garden Ideas

    The first day of spring is tomorrow we all have been working like crazy in our backyards and can’t wait to start planting a garden. It is something that we all love to do in our house there is nothing more beautiful than making your own garden that attracts everybody in so many ways. With […]

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  • 2) DIY (Do-it-yourself) keyhole garden

    Keyhole Garden Ideas – Make Your Own Keyhole Bed

    Keyhole garden have slowly become very popular around the world. These keyhole garden beds are also known as raised beds that are mostly shaped like a keyhole. Basically, their shape is like square and round, where the center area is cut into it. That makes the compost center contain materials and make it very accessible […]

  • Joanne Pring

    10 Container Water Garden Plants

    Creating a water feature in the back yard is quite easy. Water helps a plant to grow and keeps it healthy. Simply by adding water feature you can welcome some intriguing and appealing plants in your garden with a blend of soothing display that is mesmerizing. A tiny aquatic garden would be a great gardening […]

  • HensAndChicks_low_maintenance_perennial

    20 Low Maintenance Plants for Front Garden

    Low maintenance plants let you develop a beautiful lawn without any efforts of hours. Although plants do need water to grow, but due to low maintenance feature, you can relish up it with beauty and an elegant appearance that can last for several years. Opting for low maintenance plant also makes them suitable for climatic […]

  • Raised-Garden-Beds-Tires

    20 Amazing DIY Raised Garden Bed ideas, Designs and Plans

    DIY raised garden beds ideas are not only beautiful, but also creative and interesting to implement. Moreover, they are comfortable, and add a perfect decoration to your garden enhancing its charms and attractiveness. Raised garden bed ideas also transform your garden into a lovely place where you can grow vegetables, edible weeds, flowers, plants, etc. […]

  • The Importance of Frost Dates

    Best Planting Dates for Seeds – Part 2

    In “Best Planting Dates for Seeds- Part 1”, we discussed, the methodology of devising a seed plantation calendar for your own home garden step by step (in case you missed the previous article, you can always go back and check it out). We established that a gardening calendar was a gardener’s most honest friend.   Moreover, […]

  • Best Planting Dates for Seeds

    Best Planting Dates for Seeds – Part 1

    Gardening is mostly thought of as a hobby, a mere past time that people other than gardeners do not take seriously. The gardeners, on the other hand, recognize the care, effort and determination that gardening demands. For an amateur, who is only looking to try new stuff and has stumbled upon gardening, taking time out […]

  • Box-on-railing Idea

    25 Small Garden Ideas to Grow in a limited Space

    For people living in urban areas gardening can be a wish which is left undone most of the times. Reason being, these gardeners rarely get a chance to use their green thumb. Their biggest problem is space! Well, ever heard of the idea of “small gardens?” yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about. There […]