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    10 DIY Greenhouse Design Building Plans for Gardening

    Greenhouses are great to prolong the growing season for your fall and winter crops and allow you to harvest them all year long from the convenience of your own backyard. If you have a lot of garden space a greenhouse would be a perfect way to make proper use of it. It’ll save you a […]

  • Small Log Splitter

    DIY Log Splitters for Cutting Firewood

    Log splitters are always a great investment if you have a fireplace or chimney. They save both precious money and time. And generally, just make life a whole lot easier for you. All over the world, people are moving towards more sustainable lifestyles. Using wood as an alternative heating method is a very good idea […]

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  • Handsome and Sturdy

    10 Amazing DIY Log Cabins Everyone Dreams

    Fancy getting closer to nature and staying in a more Eco friendly accommodation? Log cabins have been around for a long time. It’s the perfect place for you get in touch with Mother Nature. A log cabin in the woods away from all civilization is something evereyone dreams of at least once in his life. It […]

  • 11) Hummingbird Garden

    The Best Hummingbird Feeders to Make Your own DIY

    You may have a traditional store of glass hummingbird feeders hanging in your landscape. That attracts nothing more than ants and yellow flies. But still your neighbor is enjoying the daily visit from the tiny colorful birds. Have you ever thought why birds are not visiting your feeders? It seems that your neighbor has taken […]

  • 11) DIY recycled barrel planter

    15 Spring DIY Garden Ideas

    The first day of spring is tomorrow we all have been working like crazy in our backyards and can’t wait to start planting a garden. It is something that we all love to do in our house there is nothing more beautiful than making your own garden that attracts everybody in so many ways. With […]

  • 2) DIY (Do-it-yourself) keyhole garden

    Keyhole Garden Ideas – Make Your Own Keyhole Bed

    Keyhole garden have slowly become very popular around the world. These keyhole garden beds are also known as raised beds that are mostly shaped like a keyhole. Basically, their shape is like square and round, where the center area is cut into it. That makes the compost center contain materials and make it very accessible […]

  • 9) DIY solar panel water heater

    15 DIY Solar Water Heater Plans to Reduce Energy Bills

    The world we are living in is becoming quite costly regarding to the household items. One of the major problems that we are facing is paying high utility bills for no reasons. They have to pay a lot of energy bills every winter to use warm water by using geezers and other source of energy […]

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    7) Recycled Paint Can Planters

    10 Space Saving DIY Balcony Railing Planters ideas

    Your small outdoor living spaces can look cozier when decorated with natural decorations like railing planters filled with summer flowers and green plants. Those small balconies, patios, porches and the wooden decks, when decorated with summer flowers and plants, look elegant and charming. No doubts that blooming flowers and green plants are a perfect decoration […]

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    20 Low Maintenance Plants for Front Garden

    Low maintenance plants let you develop a beautiful lawn without any efforts of hours. Although plants do need water to grow, but due to low maintenance feature, you can relish up it with beauty and an elegant appearance that can last for several years. Opting for low maintenance plant also makes them suitable for climatic […]

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    Lightbulb Planter

    20 Beautiful DIY Hanging Planters You Can Make Easily At Home

    Gardening is a great hobby and a creative one. A person new to gardening may have difficulties and tough time to handle things. However, once you gain a bit of experience, you will learn how to manage your garden and how to maintain its beauty. Anyhow, once you have chosen to make gardening as your […]