25 Creative PVC Pipe Projects for Gardeners

PVC pipes are a common construction material and are very cheap to buy. Best of all, they are available in read-made form in the market. You simply visit a store, and buy a PVC pipe of your desired length. These PVC pipe are used in drainage, electricity wirings, etc. and you can also drill, cut and glue them quite easily. PVC pipes have been creative things for DIY projects, as they give a lot of ideas to use them in your garden. You just need to use you skills to pop out an amazing piece of creativity in your garden with the help of these cheap PVC pipes.

Well, no one has that much time to think over such ideas. That is why we did the hard work for you and have 25 creative PVC pipe projects for gardeners like you. You will be amazed with the effectiveness and use of these projects in your garden, and how cheap, reliable and fun it would be to create such projects yourself in your home. So, let us check out on these cool PVC pipe projects.

1) PVC Raised Bed Cover

PVC Bed Raised Cover

Have a garden bed? Then you can protect them from wandering deer, or other creatures that can harm or eat them up. Simply join some thin PVC pipes, and fix a net over them to provide extra protection to your garden bed.

2) PVC Garden Stakes

PVC Garden Stakes

There are many plants, vegetables that grow in your garden and need a stake that keeps them off the ground. Simply cut a PVC pipe and stake it with the plant or vegetable to provide it support and keep it off the ground.

3) PVC Corn and Bean Planter

PVC Corn and Bean Planter

Have problems in bending? Then create a PVC Corn and Bean Planter and plant them without bending to protect your knees and back from pain. It is very easy to create one.

4) PVC Watering Grid

PVC Watering Grid

Rest on a chair and let the PVC Water Grid do its work automatically. This water grid can help to water the garden without wasting a single drop of water. Simply join some PVC pipes, attach a water pipe and watch the automatic watering system. The size of grid depends on your own requirement.

5) PVC Garden Hoop House

PVC Garden Hoop House

A PVC garden Hoop House can help you out in extending the vegetable growing season. With the help of this Hoop House, you can start earlier and end late, by adding extra protection. You need some flexible PVC pipes, bend them in semi-circles and fix the structure to protect the tender plants.

6) PVC Greenhouse

PVC Green House

If you want to have a greenhouse of your own, then use PVC pipes to create one. You need to arrange PVC pipes in a hut like shape, cover the structure with plastic sheet and shelving. Finally place the plants inside it and see the healthy growth of your plants.

7) PVC Children Sprinkles

PVC Child's Sprinkler

Take 4 PVC pipes, attach them to create a square box, and pinch small holes in them. Finally attach a water pipe at one end and provide your child a cool water sprinkler in hot summer

8) PVC Aquaponic Garden

PVC Aquaponic Garden

You can create a vertical garden indoors. This requires a very small startup cost, a small space and finally this great idea. You can easily create an indoor garden and grow vegetables, fruits or flowers.

9) PVC Strawberry Planter Tower

PVC Strawberry Planter Tower

Strawberry plants grow by twirling around a support. You can give it a Tower Support with a PVC pipe of greater circumference. This allows you to grow more strawberries in a small place.

10) PVC Water Gun

PVC Water Gun

Make this summer cool with exciting games. Cut PVC pipe in a gun style shape, attach a water pipe and start firing towards your opponent in the garden.

11) PVC Planter for Succulent

PVC Planters for Succulents

Take different lengths and circumference PVC pipe and create a planter for Succulent. This is an attractive and creative design. You simply need to fill in the soil and plant the Succulent.

12) PVC Hose Caddy

PVC Hose Caddy

Accommodating your Hose, rolling it and carrying it could be very difficult. You can create this easy PVC Hose Caddy, and roll the garden hose over it without the need to lift or carry it.

13) PVC Garden Irrigation System

PVC Garden Irrigation System

Arrange long PVC pipes along the length of your garden, pinch small holes in them, arrange them in a grid and attach a pipe on the other end. In this way you will save a lot of your money and can easily water your green beds without wasting water.

14) PVC DIY Birdfeeder

PVC DIY Birdfeeder

You neighbor can’t resist to ask you how you did it. Simply cut small PVC pipes, close them from both ends, cut the from center top and fill it with bird food. For beauty, add colors and attach beads on it. Finally hang it on door or under the shade in your garden.

15) PVC Tomato Shelter

PVC Tomato Shelter

Tomatoes can spoil if exposed to sun for a long time. You can create a PVC shelter with attached plastic sheeting over it to give your fresh red tomatoes safe and right amount of sunlight.

16) PVC Fold-Down Greenhouse

PVC Fold DOwn Greenhouse

You definitely need this PVC project, as it effectively folds and unfolds the greenhouse sheet whenever needed. Simply give a firm support to a PVC pipe, attach a plastic sheet and finally create a Fold-Down greenhouse.

17) PVC Chicken Pen

PVC CHickent Pen

For this project you need PVC pipe and nylon of a wore mesh. Simply create a PVC house for your chickens according to their number, cover it with the nylon mesh, add some chicken food and you are done with a Chicken Pen.

18) PVC Sleeve Planters

PVC Sleeve Planters

For this you need bigger circumference PVC of short lengths. Fill them with soil and plant the Sleeve flower in it to mount them off the ground. This way, your flowers will be prominent as well.

19) Tomato Cage

PVC Tomato Cage

Kick the flimsy wired tomato cage that you bought for a high price, and create a PVC cage in order to give extra support and protection to your Tomatoes. This also protects the tomatoes from getting rotten.

20) PVC Chicken Feeder

PVC Chicken Feeder

Have difficulty to feed your chickens? Then take an elbow PVC pipe of bigger circumference, close it from one end with a plastic sheet and fill it with chicken food. Let the chickens enjoy the food without any fuss.

21) PVC Toddler Chair

PVC Toddler Chair

If you kid loves to do gardening with you, then you can gift him a self-made durable PVC chair. Use the strong PVC, and make sure that the kid age doesn’t exceed 7 years, else the chair can deform from its original shape.

22) PVC Rack Pipe Frame

PVC Rack Pipe Frame

You can design a PVC Rack frame, and hang the small plant pots that are lightweight, and need protection from kids.

23) PVC Soccer Goal

PVC Soccer Goal

Let you kid play while you do the gardening by creating a PVC Soccer goal net. Simply arrange and attach some PVC Pipes in a Goal Frame Structure and attach a net over it.

24) PVC Snow Shows

PVC Snow Shows

Too much snow in your Garden in winter season? Having Difficulty to walk? Then try these PVC Snow shows that are very easy to create. You need a flexible PVC pipe, a strong thread and you are done.

25) PVC Hanging Planters

PVC Hanging Planters

Just like the PVC Birdfeeder, take a large and big circumference PVC and cut it from the top center. Finally, fill it with soil and plant your flowers. You can color the PVC pipe and some detailing to make your neighbor envious of you.


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