20 Most Elegant DIY Planter Box Ideas

Planter boxes come in handy when we talk about decorative plants adjusted in your house. These boxes can be made in any shape and size and in any material. While adding miniature plants to your abode or your backyard, planter boxes come as the most effective means of plant addition. The best part about planter boxes is that they can be made at home at your own convenience. You can use any material and home built planter boxes are far more durable than the ones you buy from a shop.

Planter boxes may vary in shape and size depending on which corner of the house you want to place them. Not just that, what I simply love about planter boxes is how can shape them in any way you want. This also depends on the sort of plants you want to grow in them. You might wanna go for a tall planter box if you’re thinking of growing vines in it. This will give your vines more space to fall and spread. Over here we have some super 20 DIY planter box ideas which you can easily use for your spaces. Give these DIY planter box ideas a look!

  1. Window box for a Verandah

Diy planter box for a verandah is your most obvious choice for decorative plants. You can create this with a few planks of wood, a couple of bolts and some paint. The usual size is 4” long and 8.5” wide, but you may adjust the size according to your space.

Window box for a verandah


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  1. Planter Box for a deck

Planter boxes add life to your decks. Add a large planter box filled with decorative miniature plants to your deck to give it a vibrant look. A normal planter box for the deck wood be about 8” long. A few pieces of lumber, board, nails, hand saw and a hammer and your good to go! This doesn’t cost you much but the results will totally make your day.

Planter Box for a deck

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  1. Planter box for the patio

Raised planter boxes go exceptionally well with your patios, however they do require middle level wood-working skills. This planter box has six legs and you can vary the length according to your needs. In addition to that the boards should go with the size of planter in length. Our primary expanse in this process will be on wood. This is deemed as one of the best raised planter boxes for home.

Planter box for the patio

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  1. Small space salad box

This planter box is specifically designed to plant your herbs and salads. It is a 3” long planter box and you would require 8 foot of 1×4 pieces of redwood. In addition to that is requires a circular saw, a d tape measure and an electric drill. You would require some bolts as well to fix the pieces together.

Small space salad box

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  1. Planter box for a vegetable garden

Who wouldn’t want a vegetable patch in their own backyard? But this becomes relatively difficult if you don’t have ample space. This is where your planter boxes enter. A high waste high box which is large in width works perfectly well for a vegetable planter box. The measurements are 72”X21¾”X11¾” which will give you enough space for plantation. A couple of these planter boxes and you will have your vegetable requirements fulfilled.

Planter box for a vegetable garden

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  1. Small wooden planter box

This planter box works perfectly well for those who have absolutely no carpentry skills. The only things you would require for this box are four uprights of 430mmX45mmX45mm, and four horizontal rails of 290mmX45mmX45mm in size. This planter box can be used for indoor adjustment of pots as well.

Small wooden planter box

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  1. Front porch planter box

These tall and narrow planter boxes are a perfect match for your front porch. You simply need a few pieces of board, and couple of pieces of lumber. For the tools you would need a drill and a circular saw. Adding coloured decorative plants to them gives your porch a lively look.

Front porch planter box

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  1. Star planter box

This planter box has some intricate details on it, however that does not mean you would have to spend loads on buying materials for it. Instead you may use some old boards of furniture which isn’t in use. This planter box gives you a good activity to try with exceptional results.

Star planter box

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  1. Flower plant for Bougainvillea

This flower plants can be either 4” or 8” long. The height is 20 inches. You simply need a few 2x4s and 10” pieces of pine board. This can be made with the help of some basic carpentry tools, and works well for backyard, patio and front porch.

Flower plant for Bougainvillea

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  1. Multilevel planter box

This one is for all the creative minds out there. This planter box allows a maximum number of plants and can be used to transfer plants if you need to move them to shade. This is an inexpensive planter box where you just need to buy pieces of wood.

Multilevel planter box

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  1. Cedar planter box

This planter box costs you not more than $20 this planter box works best as a present and you simply need a circular saw and a drill. This box works well for outdoor use.

Cedar planter box

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  1. Window planter box

This is one of the most beautiful planter boxes which can be used for window placement. It is a two piece construction which consists of a planter box and a separate tray.

Window planter box

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  1. Wood work on a sill idea

This plan works best is wood working is not your cup of tea. You can simply build a shelf near your window sill and adjust your flowering pots on the sill.

Wood work on a sill idea

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  1. Paint can planters

This is a highly creative idea to give your verandas a unique look. Don’t through away those old paint cans; instead use them to grow different plants.

Paint can planters

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  1. Fabric covered planters

Recycle yours favorite fabric leftovers by using them for your boring plastic pots. Use some adhesive and glue your fabrics to your pots.

Fabric covered planters

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  1. Chevron wood box planter

Use your left over old boards to create a collage look on your planter box.

Textured pots


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  1. Textured pots

Give your boring box a different look by using left over corks and attaching them to the planters. Paint your pots according to the background and voila! You have yourself some unique DIY planters.

Textured pots

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  1. Neon concrete planters

Go neon! Colour your concrete planters with some vibrant neon paints to add some variety to your pots.

Neon concrete planters

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  1. Muffin planters

This works perfectly well for people who have some un-used muffin trays. Use them to grow miniature plants for your kitchen and coffee tables.

Muffin planters

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  1. Marbleized planters

Use spray paints and water to give your small planters a fresh look.

Neon concrete planters

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