20 Low Maintenance Plants for Front Garden

Low maintenance plants let you develop a beautiful lawn without any efforts of hours. Although plants do need water to grow, but due to low maintenance feature, you can relish up it with beauty and an elegant appearance that can last for several years. Opting for low maintenance plant also makes them suitable for climatic changes and a minimal pruning, dead heading, separating, cleaning and other maintenance would be required. For instance, let’s consider about the conifer that demands less time and energy as compared to an oak tree, while perennial require less efforts for planting them as compared to the annuals.

If you are a busy person, but love gardening then you should go for low maintenance plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. As ever plant has its own micro-climate. It is possible that a part of your lawn is shady while the other is in full sun throughout the day. So, your selection on choosing the plants according to their micro-climatic varieties should be perfect. So, as a general rule, you should choose drought tolerant plant in the sunny area, and shade-loving plants in the shady areas of the lawn.

We have summed up a collection of 20 low maintenance plants for front garden, and here are details about them.

1) Blue Flax


The Blue Flax is a tiny perennial that produces beautiful blue flowers each day. They grow in clusters and can be planted in full sun with low water conditions.

2) Cosmos


Cosmos is an exotic plant that is grown in abundance in areas that receive sun shine throughout the year. This flower actually loves the sun and blooms quickly. It grows light and dark pink colored flowers.

3) FeverFew


FeverFew is a white flower that has a fragrant herb and is used commonly in medicine. They require less water, and you should grow them around outdoor eating areas in order to keep the insects away.

4) Morning Glory


Morning glory is an attractive plant that climbs up the wall or any vertical surface nearby it. They can even nourish up in poor soil with little water and produce bright white-bluish colored flowers.

5) Johnny Jump Ups


This plant grows magenta and bright yellow flowers and grows low to the soil and is very striking.

6) Crepe Myrtles


The Crepe Myrtles are great drought tolerant blooming flowers that require low maintenance. You can prune them to any size and forget about it. On average its shrub reaches a height of 20 feet with colorful crepe flowers that show up in late summer.

7) Beach Sunflower


Beach sunflower is a common plant that requires less water and grows in areas that receive full sunshine. They are self-seeding flowers and demand no care at all.

8) Beautyberry


The Beautyberry can even grow in the sandy soil and areas that receive less shade. It reaches a maximum height of 6 feet and grows beautiful purple berries throughout the fall season.

9) Firebush


The Firebush is a blooming plant that grows tall and pops out nectar rich red colored blooms that remain erect throughout the sunny day. You can grow them in sandy soil. Hummingbirds love them a lot.

10) Golden Aster


Golden Aster is very much similar to the yellow daisy and can be planted in sandy soil with full sunshine. They produce bright yellow blooms that grow as tall as 2 feet.

11) Trumpet Honeysuckle


Trumpet Honeysuckle can be grown in sun and sandy soil with clusters of red vines that hangs down from above and appear like red tube-shaped flower in the spring.

12) Hostas


Hostas are plants that love the shady areas and grow as tall as 2 feet and as wide as 3 feet or less. They have a cluster of green leaves with a light texture in between. However, if it receives a little sunlight, you may see spikes that are purple in color and bell-shaped.

13) Lady Ferns


Lady Ferns love the heavy shaded areas and a moist soil. They produce lush green and delicate fronds that can spread and grow as much as 3 feet.

14) Japanese Spurge


Japanese spurge is known as an ornamental plant and grows very low to the ground. It is an evergreen perennial that may or may not produce tiny blooms in the spring.

15) Ginger


This is a plant that loves heavy shades. Its roots are often harvested to make tea, season foods and also used as home remedies.

16) Sedum


Sedum is a plant that rarely demands any maintenance. It grows lower to ground and produce beautiful star shaped blooms that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

17) Agastache


Agastache is a great drought tolerant perennial that loves wild habitat and blooms exotic flowers that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and the honeybees throughout the year. They come in different flower color varieties.

18) Coreopsis


Coreopsis is an easy to grow low maintenance plant that blooms throughout the year. They love the sunshine and dry conditions. So, you can grow them in sandy soil. It has yellow colored blooms.

19) Pasque Flower


The Pasque Flower has purple blooms with a yellow spot in the center and is known to be an ornamental flower. They are drought tolerant and boost the texture of your garden.

20) Hens and Chicks


This plant has clustered rose like leaves that can grow in shallow containers or in rocky areas as well. They require a very limited room to expand their roots, but grow the clusters all the time.

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