20 Beautiful DIY Hanging Planters You Can Make Easily At Home

Gardening is a great hobby and a creative one. A person new to gardening may have difficulties and tough time to handle things. However, once you gain a bit of experience, you will learn how to manage your garden and how to maintain its beauty. Anyhow, once you have chosen to make gardening as your hobby you need to be creative and unique with different things in your garden. Your flower beds, tress, plants, etc. should have an appealing look that is different from your neighbor’s garden.

Among too many ideas, some exotic and beautiful Hanging Planters could enhance the beauty of your garden, and make it lavish with a blend of flowers and plants. So, here are 20 beautiful DIY Hanging Planters that you can make easily at home.

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1) Ice Cream Cone Planter


Don’t hold yourself back from eating your favorite ice cream and then using the cone of that ice cream to create an exotic ice Cream Cone Planter. Simply insert three ropes to give it a support, and add fresh and light soil. Once done, plant your favorite flowers in it, and water them with a water sprayer.

2) Hoop Fixed DIY Planter


You can find an old embroidery hoop in your closet, or buy it from some antique store for a lower cost. Now take a tiny bowl, fill it with soil, use some adhesive to fix it with the hoop. Finally take a rope or string and tie it with the hoop. Plant your plants or flowers and hang it in your garden.

3) Leather Brass Hanging Planter


This is a creative idea to draft a great indoor plant hanger. You will enjoy creating this DIY Planter. To create the cross sheet; fix some brass along with floral wire. Leather will be used to make string for attachment. The soil bowl would be affixed with the brass frame with some adhesive, and finally a plant of your liking.

4) Vastlig Bag Planters


This is a fun idea to create and enjoy the final outcome. You will need an upside down configuration that might confuse you, but don’t worry as it is way simple and step by step procedure. You can take some bag holders, and ensure that they aren’t leaked from anywhere. Fill them with light fresh soil and plant in what you want.

5) Shimmer Rope Planter


For this idea, you need a small pot, a weaving thread, a shimmer ribbon and a jute rope. You will need to cover the pot, and this would be the most time consuming part. However, it would be fun and interesting to create a shimmer rope planter. You will need to fix the jute rope and add plants and soil, and finally hang them in your lounge.

6) Glass Jar Planters


Take some small glass jars and embroidery floss. You can also color this glass jar to give it an attractive look. A crochet sheet added at the bottom can make it more appealing. Finally plant your favorite flowers and hang them.

7) Plastic Fishbowl Planters


Of course, you wouldn’t be hanging a glass fishbowl else it may fall and break. You can take an old plastic fishbowl, add hook, and hang it with a small steel chain. Add soil and your flowers, and water them.

8) Gumboot Planters


Do you have some old gumboots that aren’t in use? If yes, then fill them with soil, and your flowers and place them in your garden or hang them in the lounge.

9) Metal Mesh DIY Planter


You can take a metal mesh wire, coconut plant fiber and the palm scoop to create the shape in the image. You need to be creative to form a cone shape funnel and place the palm scoop within it. Finally cover the whole mesh with some coconut fiber and fix a pseudo flowers to make it attractive.

10) DIY Tire Planters


Take a worn out tire, and give it the shape of a flower pot by cutting it with a knife as shown in the image below. Be careful while you cut. This DIY Planter can be used inn garden only. Fill it with fresh soil and plant in your flowers

11) Nylon Rope Planter


Take a nylon rope and make a beautiful stand holder. Be sure to cut the nylon ropes in equal length and then do the braiding. Fix a glass pot and plant in your best flowers.

12) Hanging Basket Planter


Take an old basket and attach ropes with it in order to hang it. Make sure they are of equal length in order to maintain a balance. Fill the basket with soil and plant in the desired flowers.

13) Simple DIY Hanging Planter


Take a white rope, and cut approx. 12 cm of equal pieces and tie them from one end. Now twist to make a knitted appearance from each side and continue till few inches are left. Now take a flower pot and place it in between them.

14) Wooden Engraved Planter


This is a creative idea. Take a round shaped flat wooden piece and cut a round shape from center. Now take a steel pot or glass and fix the wooden piece on the top. Fill the glass on top with soil and plant in your flower.

15) Wooden Dowel Planter


Craft a wooden frame of a suitable size so you can fit a pot tightly into it. Take some strings and attach on either sides of the wooden dowel and hang it. Finally add soil and plant the flowers.

16) Wooden Planter Pendent


You need some extra and technical skills to craft this framework. It involves veneer cutting and you will need help of a third person. Once done, it would be an appealing and gorgeous DIY Hanging Planter

17) Hanging Lightbulb Planter

Lightbulb Planter

Take an old Lightbulb, and remove its lower part. Fill it with soil or water, and plant in your favorite flowers. When you hang them, make sure use a strong rope.

18) Chandelier Flower Planter

Chalendier Planter

You can put soil in some old chandelier in your garden and plant in your favorite flowers. Make sure to water them quite often.

19) Soda Container Dipped Paint Planter

Soda Bottle Planter

Take a soda bottle, and cut it from top. Now add soil and plant your favorite flowers. You can hang them by pinching holes and then using a string

20) PVC Pipes Planter

PVC Pipe Planter

Take a 1 feet or 2 feet long PVC pipe and cut it from center top. Now fill it with soil and plant in your favorite flowers. Hang it on your lounge and add beauty to your garden.

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