20 Amazing DIY Raised Garden Bed ideas, Designs and Plans

DIY raised garden beds ideas are not only beautiful, but also creative and interesting to implement. Moreover, they are comfortable, and add a perfect decoration to your garden enhancing its charms and attractiveness. Raised garden bed ideas also transform your garden into a lovely place where you can grow vegetables, edible weeds, flowers, plants, etc. Furthermore, DIY raised garden beds also allow you to easily plant your vegetables, fruits and herbs to grow higher from the ground so that they remain safe, healthy and easily visible. Nowadays, Raised garden beds ideas are becoming more and more popular among gardeners.

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Best of all, to implement these ideas and piece of creativity, you don’t have to spoil the original beauty of your garden, rather it adds more attraction. Moreover, you don’t need to buy anything from market, as all things used will be readily available in home. So, today we are sharing with you 20 Amazing DIY raised garden bed ideas, designs and plans.

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20 Amazing DIY raised garden bed ideas, designs and plans

1) Brick Lined Beds

This idea is perfect for gardens under tropical conditions. This is just an idea, while you can give it a unique appearance of your taste. You need only geo textile lined steel wire in order to keep your plants and soils safe. [More Details]


2) Pressure Treated Wooden Bed Idea

This is a great and amazing wooden bed idea that resembles much like a sand box. With wooden bed, you can easily raise your plants and also grow edibles in them. Try using the redwood in order to avoid toxins. [more details]


3) Simple Lumber Garden Bed

If you need a smooth lumber garden bed to cut it easily into smaller slabs, then this is a great DIY raised garden bed. You need a solid wood to fix the bed. Just maintain a normal length and width and don’t keep the depth too much. Finally add soil and crop whatever you want. [More Details]


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4) The Untreated Lumber Bed

One of the cheapest DIY idea that requires a plank of wood, furring strip wood, an electric drilling machine, saw, glue and a wood screw. Start by cutting the wood, and give it a professional look in order to add attraction. [ More Details ]


5) The Redwood Raised Bed

If you want to create a beautiful garden raised bed for perfect plating edibles, then this idea is ideal for you. You need to invest only 1 hour to setup the whole platform. Keep the depth 3 feet for a medium bed. Finally put things together and fill it with soil and your favorite plants. [More Details]


6) Recycled Material Idea

Navigate through your storeroom and search for some old wood pieces, a plastic sheet and some bamboos. I guess they will be available! You need to build a 8 x 8 platform and then cover it with plastic sheet. Give it the appearance of a greenhouse and make a dome type structure. If the plastic sheet is not available, you can fetch it from the market. [More Details]


7) Lumber garden raised bed

Lumber is among the cheapest vegetable garden bed, and it is commonly used all around the world. You need to fix together the wooden planks and finally place them in proper position. Now you need to add soil and plant your favorite vegetables. I prefer to add some flowers on the sides in order to make it attractive. [More Details]


8) Planks and PVC raised garden

This is another great DIY garden idea and requires you to build a simple, but a big structure made of wooden planks and some PVC pipes. Join the wooden structure, and work with the PVC pipes to add the hoop. When you are done, put the soil and let it settle for few days. Finally plant whatever you want. [More Details]


9) Sleek Wooden Garden Bed

This garden bed is perfect if you have a small space in the backyard. It is longer, but less wider and you could align it with the wall. However, you will need some long wooden planks to setup this garden bed. At the end add soil; let it settle for 3-5 days and plant vegetables, flowers or fruits. [More Details]


10) Sack Garden

Sack garden could be fabulous idea. In this you will plant different types of plants in different sack created. You can plant vegetables in one sack, while fruits in the other sack. [More Details]


11) Tree Bench

You will be needing some wide, long and lots of wooden planks to build a tree bench. It is a creative and a wonderful idea. If you have a tree in your garden or backyard, then simply build a bench around this tree. Don’t forget to make it strong. [More Details]


12) Gardening Bed Edging

In order to protect the flowers and soil, you can but some planks of woods and place them in line with together along a garden bed.


13) Logs Garden Bed Edging

Take some thick and rounded wooden pieces and create an edging around a tree. Finally plant in some beautiful flowers and add more attraction to your garden. [More Details]

Logs Garden Bed Edging

14) DIY Wooden Pathway

Create a wooden path way with some flat wood pieces. You might have seen the stone pathways, but this is a creative way. For some more creativity, setup this path in between beautiful flower beds.


15) DIY Wooden Pallet wing

You need to be careful while creating this wooden swing. Make it strong, perfect and balanced to enjoy on it.


16) A Re-Purposed Dresser Garden Bed

Find an old wooden dresser with draws that you don’t need. Fix It and clean it. Make sure there is no place where the soil may flow out. Finally, fill different draws with soil, and plant the flowers. I recommend allowing the soil settle for a few days. [More Details]


17) Raised Garden Bed Vertical Pallet

You need to line the reclaimed pallet with some landscape fabric, and fill them with soil and plant vegetables and or flowers. It is a quick way to create a beautiful raised garden bed. [More Details]


18) Raised Garden Pallet Planter

Take some small width wooden plank and join them together. Don’t leave any space in between the planks. You can use some old wooden pallets as well. Fix the depth as per your requirements. [More Details]


19) Bed Frame

This is an easy to build raised garden bed. For this you need some small wooden planks or pallets, join them, fill them with soil and plant in the flowers or vegetables. [More Details]


20) Tire Bed

You can cut the top of the an old worn out tire, fill it with soil and plant your favorite plants, flowers or vegetables in it. [More Details]


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