12 Free Plans for Building DIY Greenhouse

A gardener having a garden without a greenhouse in it is considered an incomplete garden. Having a greenhouse for your plants is a charm in itself. Of course, you won’t be creating a humungous green house in your garden, but only the one that fits and adjusts according to the size of your garden. A small green house in your garden can boost its beauty and make it more appealing. If you have a big garden, you can create a medium size greenhouse, or if your garden is small, then a small greenhouse would be enough. The point is that you must have a greenhouse in your garden.

Greenhouse could be expensive, but DIY greenhouse projects can make it cost-effective and creative at the same time. So, for this purpose we are sharing with you 12 Free Plans for Building DIY Greenhouse.

1) Hoop Style Greenhouse


To prepare a hoop style greenhouse, you need a wood to make the base. Take measurements as per the size of your garden. Now take open ended PVC pipes and fix them together on the hoop stands. For more strength, you can add a PVC pipe on the top.

Finally cover the whole frame with a plastic sheet and attach it with the help of lathe. You also have to add a door, and you can make a simple one with a wood frame. [ Detail Plan ]

2) Barn Greenhouse


This is a mini greenhouse plan and it works perfectly for you. Initially cut a wall frame from wood, and for the side paneling use roofing tin to add more strength. For some extra detailing, add metal flashing trim to the sides of this panel.

This greenhouse structure Is covered with a corrugated roofing. [ Detail Plan ]

3) Lumber Frame greenhouse


An 8 feet greenhouse made from lumber frame will be great idea and a beautiful one as well. For this purpose, you need to setup a lumber frame, some big windows frames to add ventilation and a door to access the greenhouse. Lumber is a soft wood and you can nail it easily with some stakes in the ground. [ Detail Plan ]

4) Small Greenhouse


First of all build some side frames to add the support. You need to cut the ends of the studs by keeping an 8 inch difference. Finally drill the pilot holes inside the frame and support them with screws. Similarly create the front and back of this greenhouse with horizontal plate structures. Repeat the process by screwing and fixing them. The only thing left is the wooden door. Make a frame and fix a flat wooden piece to give it the shape of a wooden door. [ Detail Plan ]

5) $50 Greenhouse Plan


Nowadays hoop style greenhouses are becoming popular. This is a similar greenhouse project in which you create a tunnel shape. The basic frame can be constructed using the compressed lumber wood. This greenhouse can last for as long as 3 years and can survive the worst weather conditions due to lumber wood. You need PVC pipes and some lumber wood pieces to setup the whole greenhouse plan. [ Detail Plan ]

6) Domed Shaped Greenhouse


You will love the creativity of assembling broken triangles to create a domed shaped greenhouse. It is a traditional style, and appears very beautiful. For the base, you need to fix it with the ground stakes. The toughest part is to cut wood in equal lengths and width, moreover they should be flexible as well to bend them easily in the shape of a dome. Finally cover the whole dome with a plastic sheet. [ Detail Plan ]

7) Scrap Window Greenhouse


You need some old and unwanted window frames, often found in your backyard or the small hut in the garden. First of all you need a basic wooden frame. Nail or screw it to give a rigid support structure. Finally use the window glasses to cover the whole greenhouse. Fix that glass properly so that they don’t fall. [ Detail Plan ]

8) Scrap Door Greenhouse

Scrap Door Greenhouse

Find out some old wooden doors that you don’t need. You can use them to make a Scrap Door greenhouse. So, instead of side paneling as we did in the previous case, use old door, and add the tin roofing instead of glass roof. You can also use a plastic sheet to give it a much appealing appearance. Don’t forget to add the door for access. [ Detail Plan ]

9) Pyramid Shape Greenhouse


Try some unique greenhouse in a pyramid style. If you were a fan of the Egyptian pyramids, then this DIY greenhouse idea is a great one for you. You need to arrange some stiff wooden logs in triangle shape or “V” shape and finally cover the whole platform with plastic sheet.

10) Plastic Bottle Greenhouse


Nowadays, the trend of building houses with plastic bottles is becoming quite common. You can turn them into a greenhouse. For this purpose you need a minimum of 1000 plastic bottles. It would be very interesting and creative as well. Firmly grip all of the plastic bottles within the wooden frame. Best of all you won’t need any plastic sheet to cover the house. [ Detail Plan ]

11) Build an Arched Greenhouse from PVC Pipes


This is a great and budgeted greenhouse plan. You will need some PVC pipes. They should be curved, straight and flexible. Align and fix them together to give them a suitable shape. Finally add a PVC door and cover the whole frame with plastic sheet.

12) Thrifty Greenhouse


This greenhouse requires woods and plastic sheet. The base and the roof should be covered by the steel rails, while the rest of the greenhouse will be constructed using wood. You can design a small hut shape depending upon the size of your garden. Finally you need to cover the whole hut with plastic sheet. [ Detail Plan ]

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