10 Tropical House Plants – Identification and Care

Tropical house plants are one of their kinds and add that extra touch to your secluded corners and dry areas. What I really love about these plants is how colorful and different they are from your regular plants. Each house plant brings about its own properties and its aura to give your house tropically cool look. Not just that the different colored hues in these plant bodies may compliment you’re backgrounds. Tropical house plant identification can be confusing, since the care and attention these plants require can vary.

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Tropical house plant identification needs proper detailing and it’s quite often that the plants get mixed with some other kinds.  For your ease we have compiled 10 tropical plants with their identification as well as the required care.

  1. Flaming sword

This is a tropical plant displaying a beautiful flower and a profound look. Furthermore it creates extraordinary thick foliage to go with it that completes its look. This is a native South American species and a part of bromeliads family. It is adored by a number of home growers for its beauty. It has a red pointed flower head which can grow up to 2 feet tall and mottled flowers.

Flaming sword plants

  1. Hawaiian Ti Plant

With a striking leaf colour with hues of pink this exotic tropical house plant is surely easy on the eyes. It produces flowers in its natural habitat only.  This plant likes warm temperatures and high humidity levels.  It is also known as the good luck plant.

Hawaiian Ti Plant

  1. Orchid Cactus

A picky customer, Orchid cacti needs to be treated very carefully for it to survive. It brings about beautiful red flowers which add beauty to your house for years to come. The multi-petalled bloom produces bright funnel shaped flowers which usually spread from 4 to 6 inches. A tropical cactus by nature, this plant needs to be regularly watered.

Orchid Cactus

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant

The cheese plant normally grows to a height of 6ft indoors and gives off large love heart shaped leaves, which later on develop slits in them. It is a hefty task to grow them well and keep the leaves healthy looking. It is ideal for large rooms and corners with ample space.

Swiss Cheese Plant

  1. The one colored paphiopedilum concolor

It is also known and orchid to the native SE asia and grows exceptionally well when properly taken care of. It is also known as the lady’s slipper because of the shape of this flower.

paphiopedilum concolor

  1. Weeping Fig

This is a popular indoor tropical plant which is very famous in many households. There are several different sizes of this tree which are readily available. These tropical plants can grow up to 30 feet tall.

Weeping Fig

  1. Amazon elephants ear

These plants are quite common and very unique. The leaves are large and arrow shaped and they are also ribbed with silver. They can be easily grown inside and also display extraordinary dense foliage.

Amazon elephants ear

  1. Anthurium

It is a tropical plant which is highly prized because of their bright colored flowers. These plants reward you by displaying their blooms. They require bright, indirect light and should not be exposed to direct light other than winters. You must keep them moist at all times.


  1. Bird of paradise

One of the most delicate and royal looking flowers, bird of paradise is as tropical as it can get. A yellow flower with hues of blow and hints of orange, this flower can be grown indoors as well. They require bright light in order to bloom well and need constant moisture.

Bird of paradise

  1. Bromeliads 3

These are the easiest of plants which can be grown indoors. They can be conveniently grown in pots and can tolerate various temperatures. There are several sub-families of bromeliads and they can easily adapt to regular temperatures.  Each type has its own care, so you have to be careful about which kind you choose from the family.

Bromeliads 3

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