10 Steps to Growing 30 Kilograms of Tomato Per Plants

Gardening is one of the best experiences in the world. Witnessing something grow out from a tiny seed and grow into a plant itself is mesmerizing. The feeling gets even better when you nurture it from the tiny seed it used to be and then eat the fruit it gives in return when it’s all grown up. Most gardening enthusiasts will tell you these two reasons for doing what they do.

Tomato Per Plants

I’ve been watching my grandfather grow everything from bananas to potatoes in our backyard. One thing he was most proud of was his crop of tomatoes. He used to take special care of them and the memory of watering those tomatoes with my grandfather shall always remain etched in my memory.

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When I decided to grow a patch of vegetables in my own backyard, the first thing I wanted to plant were tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the easiest crops to take care of. You can easily get them to produce fruit. If not done right you will usually get fruit in smaller amounts and the size of the fruit won’t really be impressive either. So I’ve decided to share some secret steps to growing the best quality tomatoes and in good quantity too.

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Follow the following 10 Steps to Growing 30 Kilograms of Tomato Per Plants.

  1. The first thing is to choose the right types of tomatoes. This usually depends on the type of climate you get. To figure this out you can ask a local expert.
  2. Lay them down side by side. This seems unimportant but makes a lot of difference in the end.
  3. Plant your crop in a ditch leaving the top around 3 inches uncovered.
  4. Add around a half or a quarter cup of slow release fertilizer
  5. Construct a cage with a height of around five feet and a diameter if two feet around each separate plant.
  6. It is essential that you protect your plant from wind and rain. You can use a row cover over your cages for this purpose.
  7. It is also very important to routinely fertilize your plant. Be sure to fertilize your tomatoes every week. Apply the fertilizer directly to leaves.
  8. Use ammonium sulfate to side dress your tomatoes after the first yield. Two or three full teaspoons should be more than enough. Water them afterward. This will help make your next harvest even bigger.
  9. Pick your tomatoes as soon as they seem to be a third ripe as the riper the get it is more likely for birds to get riper tomatoes.
  • Tomatoes should never be refrigerated. It only makes them go bad quicker. Placing them on the counter is a much better option.
  • Last of all always make sure your plant is well hydrated. This is critical to growing any healthy plant.

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If you want more detail you should have a look at video above and steps. It is very helpful, not just for tomatoes but for other plants as well.

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Ali Qayyum is a professional Web Designer and Web Developer. In my spare time, i do gardening and love nature. Its my hobby to share my experience.


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