10 Most Essential Gardening Tools You Should Need

Right tools tend to make all the difference in the field of gardening. Fortunately, with people getting more and more into this activity both as a hobby and as a profession, the area of gardening tools as also evolved. A wide range of gardening tools of all sorts of quality is available in the market from which you can choose according to your own needs and requirements. However, if you are a beginner and have less or no knowledge about gardening than things can get a little fuzzy for you out there.

For a new gardener, it becomes troublesome at times when he needs a specific tool and he has to rush to the store to get it. You need a set of particular gardening tools to help you in times of need.in beginning it is better to invest in some essential gardening tools, and make sure the quality is also well.

For this particular reason we have stacked over here 10 most essential gardening tools, which will help you in times of your gardening distress. You can find some useful information about them how to use these tools in you gardens and how to make maximum use of these tools.

  1. Water hoses and Wands

It is inevitable to produce a lush green garden without the introduction of a decent garden hose. There are several options out there. The basic models work fine and cost less. On the other hand, it is advisable to buy a reel so that you can wind your hose on it and keep it out of harm’s way, especially when it’s not in use. In addition to that you can also invest on a coil garden hose which helps you recoil it by going back to its original position without you having to struggle much. And of course it is easy storage.

Water hoses and Wands

Furthermore in addition to having a good garden hose you should also have a watering wand. Watering wands normally come with shut-off valves, so water can be turned off at the spot. There is no need to run back and forth to turn the tap off, which of course saves you a lot of time, effort and water wastage.

  1. Saws

Some gardeners use just a single saw while others choose to use a set of saws. I personally feel that it is advisable to few an extra few bucks on a few kinds of saws. The type which goes really well in gardening is the one which has a slightly curved blade, which makes it all the more easily to prune woody plants. In addition to that this kind of saw can be used to remove limbs and also cut down on the small trees.  It is a tool with several uses.

saws gardeners

There are many gardeners out there who make use of bow saws which can also be used in a variety of ways. This includes clearing away the undergrowth which is at times quite difficult to remove, and also shaping trees of all sizes.

For gardeners who have large lands to work on, a set of folding saws is advisable. These saws are designed for their compatibility and portability. A single saw might suffice in several cases but having a variety of saws ensures that you will have everything you require.

  1. Kneeling pads

This activity of gardening requires you to sit down on your knees for long hours, and this can cause some heavy damage to any gardener’s knees. For those of you who are actually serious about their business, it is advisable to get these high-quality kneeling pads to prevent any injury.

kneeling pads gardening

  1. Scissors

There is a difference between a pruning shear and a pair of scissors. Both are quintessential elements of gardening. A pair of heavy duty scissors helps a gardener in a number of situations. They are used to cut open the bags of potting soil and other supplies. In addition to that scissors are also used to harvest small vegetables and to snip off small herbs.

Scissors gardening

  1. Pruning Shears

Where there is gardening, there are pruning shears. Gardening is incomplete without this vital tool. A pair of regular scissors isn’t worth as much as the pruning shears. A wide range of pruning shears are available in the stores and selecting from one of them can be slightly mind boggling. For this you would have to go with a pruning sheer which is durable and strong.

Pruning Shears

While looking for a pruning sheer, you should make sure that it has sharp blades and a sturdy material. The best among the pruning shears are those which are light weight and compact. These shears are used to prune woody plants and it is important to look for their portability and quality.

  1. Rakes

Most of the gardeners have one rake, but some rely on a couple of them. A variety of rakes determine that whatever the task in hand can be done easily. To rake away the debris from tight places, a shrub rake comes in handy. This type of rake is designed in a way that it works really well with tight places.

Rakes gardening

Hard rakes are used to remove tough roots and several other objects. In addition to that they are also used to smooth the grade soil from their back side.

Fan rakes are a must for every gardener. These rakes are used to handle leaves and mulch. The wide designs help gardeners work with large volumes of materials. Even though they are especially useful for large gardens, they work well in small gardens too.

  1. Garden Hoes

There are several different kinds of gardening hoes. However, it is better to stick to a single hoe, since it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The most useful type of hoe is the Loop hoe, which is used by gardeners regularly.

Garden Hoes

The intricate design of heavy-duty loop hoe allows gardeners to cultivate the top layer of soil efficiently. This sort of hoe can be used to slip beneath the top layer and scrape away the roots and other debris.

  1. Shovels

This is an undeniably useful tool which every gardener must have. The shovels with jagged ends are used to chop between thick soils and loosen it. Small compact shovels are used to dig deep holes in the ground with a swift effort. Snow shovels can be used in gardening as well. Their broad designs make them prefect for taking care of mulch and its even distribution.

Shovels gardening

  1. Soil knives

The most useful of the soil knives are the ones with a concave blade. One of the edge is serrated while the other edge is smooth and sharp. These knives are highly accurate and are easy to handle.  They are used for cutting through small roots and are also used in transplanting flowers and plants.

Soil knives

  1. Weeders

There are all sorts of weeders available. Weeders are also known as dandelion diggers and they are very effective for getting rid of those bad weeds. However, that’s not the only situation in which they come in handy. A gardener may bring weeder to use for pulling out crabgrass as well. The most famous of the weeders are the ones which have two prongs at the end.

dandelion diggers

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