10 Effective Weed killers for lawns

For any gardener a weed is a threat to his lovely garden. Weed is a harmful invader that digs its roots in between lovely and adorable fields and spoils its beauty. So, what makes a weed so much harmful for your garden? These annoying invaders block the incoming nutrients that plants need to nourish up. This includes the sunlight, water and air. Weeds welcome pathogens that badly infect the entire garden and also contaminate it with vegetative disorder. This creates a big question mark as “how to get rid of these weeds in the backyard”.

Effective Weed killers for lawns

It might be hard for you to believe that weeds cannot be fully eliminated, but still you can restrict them from growing and affecting your garden. Weeds are envious of your beautiful flowers and lush green fields, and wouldn’t let them grow in peace. However, you can try out these 10 effective weed killers for lawns to prevent any further damage, and also lessening it.

10 Effective Weeds Killers for Lawns

1) Baking Soda

Try sprinkling baking soda in areas where you think weed can grow, or you see them growing. Don’t worry, it has no side-effects on other flowers, but can help in stopping the growth of weed for a very long time. By far, baking soda is one of the effective weed killers.

2) Bleach

Because weeds grow and penetrate in walkways crevices, it might be difficult to deal with them. But don’t worry! Take some diluted bleach and pour them in the crack. After one day, you’ll hardly see a sign of any weeds growing and destroying the lovely and innocent flowers.

3) Borax

Weed can grow at any place. From walkways crevices in walls and crack, they grow everywhere in your garden. But with sprinkling borax you can kick these intruders. Borax powder is very powerful and will kill the weed before it can penetrate into the soil. Moreover, it keeps the bugs and insects away from the flowers. However, if you have any pets, it might be allergic to them, but wouldn’t be a big problem.

4) Bottles

If you prefer spraying those weed chemicals and also want to prevent the plants from damage, then cut a bottle and give it the shape of a jar. Now place it over the weed area and spray within the capacity of the bottle.

5) Carpet Scraps

Use carpet scraps and make use of them in an upside down manner. Now place the pine bark much over the carpet scraps. This helps in keeping the weeds away from your garden.

6) Salt

It is better to eliminate the weeds before they pop out from those cracks, but in case they grow out, it would be very difficult to kick them out of your garden. In such a case, salt is the best solution that acts as a natural weed killer ingredient. Take 2 cups of boiled water and add one cup of salt in it. Now mix the solution well and pour it over the weeds. This will keep them away for many weeks.

7) Shower Curtains

Just as we utilized the carpet scraps, we can use shower curtains, spread bark mulch or the gravel over them and make use of it to kill the weeds.

8) Spray Bottles

Simply dilute the water with vinegar, pour them in a spray bottle and spray it all over your garden. Spray the solution along the crack, into the crack, the sideways, walls, flower beds and areas where you think weed can easily grow or is growing.

9) Vinegar

The unwanted weeds suddenly erupting out of those cracks can scare you. It’s time to be ferocious against them and give them a deadly surprise of our hidden weapon, “Vinegar”. Vinegar is a nightmare for the weeds and a great remedy to kill them. We’ll use fresh vinegar without any mixtures. Pour it in a spray bottle, and spray it everywhere in the garden.

10) Vodka

Please don’t take me of as a foolish! Vodka is an effective weed killer for lawn. Just mix an ounce of Vodka, some liquid soap and mix them in 2 cups of water. Now pour the whole solution in a spray bottle and comfortably spray all across the garden.

NOTE: All of the above mentioned remedies are effective weed killers for lawns. You have to repeat them at least twice or thrice a month for optimum results.

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