10 Best Full Sun Container Plants

When it comes the summer season, we all know the sun will be shinning, the temperature will rise, and it would be a time when we all try to protect ourselves from the sunburns. Ever thought about plants? They are too much delicate, and how will they survive the scorching heat of the sun all day long. Perhaps, the day is as long as 8-10 hours of constant sun, sucking out the water from everything. For gardeners it is a time to worry for their plants, especially the ones that are delicate and can’t bear the extreme sun for that many hours.

No doubt that winter season also has the sun, but in summer it is intense and it would be waste of your efforts if the plants die. You can find a lot of perennials and shrubs that can easily survive through the entire year; even they can survive in the deserts. However, the container plants that are extremely delicate need extra protection. So, today we are here with some great full sun container plants that you can plant this summer. Here is a list of top 10 Best Full Sun Container Plants.

1) Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed

Butterfly weed is a beautiful yellow and red color container plant with thick dark green leaves that blooms and attracts the butterflies. They can easily bear the scorching sun and moist temperatures. Butterfly weeds are available in most of the greenhouses, while they might be a bit expensive.

2) Black-eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susans are lovely container flowers, and they have rusty or a bit yellowish style flowers. The center is black and it gives a great blend of colors with the yellow or rust. These flowers attract birds, and some insects that are beneficial for your garden. You can grow the black-eyed Susans by the end of Fall, so they will nourish up by summer.

3) Coneflower


Coneflower is a popular flower, yet most of the gardeners don’t know its benefits. It can bear the sun shine throughout the day without any health issues. They come in purple, pink, orange, red, white and yellow colored flowers. You just need to pick the breed to get the desired color. Coneflowers are cheap flowers, and they require at least 2-3 month to fully bloom.

4) Coreopsis


Coreopsis is daisy style flower and has beautiful and adorable tiny blooms that are black in color and easy to grow in your garden. They grow bunch of flowers throughout the year and also come in yellow, pink, maroon, red and dark brown colors. Coreopsis can bear the intense sunrays, and requires plenty of water as well to grow.

5) Dahlia


Dahlia comes in various types, shapes and colors. These are tough flowers and adorable as well. Dahlia can survive hot conditions easily. So, it is a perfect flower to grow in summer season. Dahlia flowers mostly attract the honey bees, so beware while you go near them. Moreover, it also attracts some insects that help a lot in pollination.

6) Lantana


Lantana has clustered blooms that attract butterflies because of its adorable flowers that grow in yellow, orange, red, lavender, white and many other colors. Some species of it eve grow the multi-colors. Lantana may not be easily available at greenhouse, but you can do some struggle to find them.

7) Salvia


Salvia comes in multitude of sizes, shapes and colors. You can easily grow them in summer. Even if the temperature goes above 40 degrees, it can still bloom at its full strength. Salvia is known to attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. This also keeps your garden beautiful with such beautiful birds. Salvia flowers may grow in small clusters or solitude, but you can find butterflies and hummingbirds in excess around this plant.

8) Zinnia


Zinnia is one of the most popular and exotic flowers of the summer season. They bloom their growths to lavish up the beauty of your garden. They have big multi-color flowers and can survive through the tough summer conditions. You need to take intense care of this flower, because in the initial stage it can easily die if mishandled.

9) Sun Parasol Mandevilla

Sun Partasol Mandevilla

The sun Parasol vines have many different bred, and are rich with red color. They have adorable flowers and this container plants climbs up the wall. If grown along a 20 feet pillar, it will twirl around it as long as 15 feet with exotic flowers.

10) Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

Calibrachoas resemble the petunias and they are small flowers. It is also called as the million bells, and it grows clusters of flowers that appear very beautiful. It has yellow colored flowers that have white stripes and blossom with strength. The Lemon Slice Calibrachoa is well-known to bear the tough summer conditions quite easily.

So, now you have some great Ideas for Full Sun Container Plants. All you need to do is go to the greenhouse, and find your desired flowers.

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