10 Beautiful Ground Cover Plants

It doesn’t matters if you are growing low and sleek or the tall and blousy ground cover plants. They will serve you with the benefits that they were meant to provide. Ground cover plants are some parts of greenery on which you can depend and do the hard work as they tend to solve many landscape issue face by the gardeners. If you are having the sensation of tossing a rug over the backyard, and consider it a good one, then you should definitely count on the ground cover plants. You can easily grow a bed of such plants with less hassle. However, water, weed and other precautions are something that can’t be ignored.

There are many ground cover plants that effectively control the erosion and also thrive in very dry conditions. Some of them are evergreen, while some may lose foliage in winter. Overall they are a perfect solution for many landscape problems. Below are 10 beautiful ground cover plants that can serve you with bucket full of benefits.

Drought Tolerant Groundcover Plants

1) Thyme


Thyme is an aromatic ground cover plant and grows vertical plant excels in clusters, containers or in the form of borders.  Its small woody stem has tiny fragrant leaves and flowers that can be utilized either fresh or when dried. Moreover, its multiple varieties also help in maintaining foot traffic. You should plant it in between stepping stone or create a small bed.

2) Sedums


Sedum is a common plant and it has wonderful creeping types that grow as long as 3 inches only. Its stems and leaves can thrive in low water and dry conditions. They grow white, pink, red, purple, yellow and orange shaded flowers. This plant is prized for using it on the green roofs and living walls as they love to grow on such places.

3) Hens and Chicks


An old fashioned flower that makes a groundcover even in the tight spaces like paving stone or trough. It has beautiful texture and grows in sunny places. The rosettes can grow as long as 6 inches. Hens and Chicks are known to be easily grown plants with little maintenance requires.

Groundcover Plants for Shade

4) Sweet Woodruff

Sweet woodruff

It is a rare plant and grows inn dense shade. You should plant it underneath trees, shrubs or a shady area. It blooms white spring flowers, and can reach as tall as 12 inches. They form clumps of their desirous green foliage on the uprights stems.

5) Bishop Weed

bishop's weed

Bishop weed is a ground cover plant that grows with an aggressive speed. This plant loves shady areas with partial lopes. You can also grow them on large woodland where it can have a huge space for flourishing. It can also grow between a building or even a sidewalk. However, sometimes they may grow slow, but it’s rare.

6) Ajuga


Ajuga is a plant that spreads and can be easily grown. You should plant them in areas where grass doesn’t grow easily. It may take some foot traffic, but you should avoid them growing in areas where there is a lot of activity. The blooms are blue, pink, lavender, bronze, purple, pink and white color. They vary in size between 4-9 inches tall.

7) Lamium


Lamium is silver marked foliage along with bright color that loves to grow in shady areas. It can reach a height of 8 inches and spreads in clusters. You can use it as a bright colored and decorative plant in your garden. However, you should avoid them growing in places where they may get smashed by a foot.

Evergreen Ground Cover Plants

8) Brass Buttons

brass buttons

They are tinny plants that grow as tall as 3 inches or less and have beautiful textures, feathery blooms that can brighten the shady areas in your garden. These are purple, gray or bronze and black in color and have a button like shape. This plant is from New Zealand, and loves moist but well-drained soil areas.

9) Mondo Grass

Mondo grass

As the name suggests it isn’t a grass, but looks apparently. It grows a bit slender or strappy leaves with green shades and can grow from 3-24 inches tall. This plant loves places that receive more sunlight and a moist soil. Perfect to grow along the sidewalks or the borders.

10) Lamb’s Ears


It is a perennial plant that loves to grow in sunny areas with a partial shade with silver green leaves that can reach 6-36 inches. The flowers are white, pink, purple, violet or red in color and blooms fast during summer. The leaves may melt away in extremely hot conditions, but would still thrive.

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