10 Beautiful Flower Garden Ideas to Add Color

Are you one of those gardeners who crave colors? If, yes then possibly you’ll be well aware of the fact that how much it seems terrible when you decline suddenly from giddy, glorious springtime into dusty doldrums of the summer. So let’s try to get things moving in the right direction for you. Having a little color can go a long way. Simply by adding a pop of blue against chartreuse backdrop and clump of the hollyhocks at the eye level can create a great illusion that blossoms the entire garden. If you are looking for such flower garden ideas, then must check out these ten beautiful flower garden ideas to add color.

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1) Something Blue

1) Something Blue

These are known for modernist green-on-green landscapes, garden designer Luciano Giubbilei. Because of their true blue color they have an unusual flower hue. It gives an attractive appearance to your garden. They have light blue shades in the middle It has species that are intensely blue, and can give more attraction to the garden with an exotic touch of blue color.

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2) Color Wheel Cousins

color wheel cousins

Don’t miss these cousins because their orange, green and purple colors can turn your garden into an extraordinary place. These elegant colors can give a great balance to your garden. However, the color wheel cousins with their three primary colors blossom perfectly in the summer season.

3) Front and Center

Front and Center

Growing long-stemmed flowering perennials on either side of the path. If they do succumb to the heat, let them toss over onto the walkways so they can call attention to themselves. These beautiful red, purple or blue wines are popular and available everywhere.

4) Make Eye Contact

make eye contact

These are the Hollyhocks that grow against the wall. They have a high stem that can be 4-6 feet long, and a flower on the tip that draws attraction. You can start sowing a full packet of Hollyhocks seeds and add some elegance to your garden.

5) Big and Blowsy

big and blowsy

Here you can see a large clump of showstoppers like peonies and their dark pink color can do wonders for your garden. For outstanding results, we recommend you to sow the peonies seeds or the plant at least two months before May, as they blossom throughout the summer season while some of them last until June.

6) Verbena Verve

verbena verve

This is another long stemmed verbena boniarensis that blasts like a firecracker in the air and blossoms purple flowers that rest at a high altitude above the garden. They form clusters and are known to be a good companion of perennials. The long stem is extremely delicate, yet the most fashionable weapon for your garden’s beauty.

7) Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants

Sunflower is one of the most common, yet a beautiful and elegant flower in the garden that blossoms and beautifies the garden with its bright colors. They are very easy to grow from seed and are known as friendly flowers. Because they can last and blossom longer than any other flower, we highly recommend you growing these in your garden to flourish its beauty.

8) Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur Flowers

The larkspur flowers are delicate and come in lovely shades of purple and blue that makes your garden attractive and enticing. They boast short stems and few blossoms per branch. They have become top heavy or succumb to the first rain shower. These flowers blossoms round the year and are easy to grow.

9) Extend the Season

Extend the Season

These are the Elephant Eared Colocasia esculenta also known as Black Magic Solenostemon Redhead are large plants and seasoned bloomers with bright leaflets. They are either red or black-red in color. For maximum photosynthesis, they automatically turn towards the direction of the sun. However, these are a bit difficult to grow, as they require more care, and may die if mishandled.

10) Add Clusters of Flower Beds

Finally, to add colors you can grow clusters of flower beds together that can brighten your garden in no time. We recommend you rose and rose like bright flowers in close clusters.

We hope these ideas will benefit you a lot in the long run. Simply try them out and see your garden blossom throughout the year.

Written by Ali

Ali Qayyum is a professional Web Designer and Web Developer. In my spare time, i do gardening and love nature. Its my hobby to share my experience.

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  1. Great post, I love the Color wheel cousins! They look like they bloom really well.
    I am also a huge fan of sunflowers – although they are an old favourite, they really add colour and personality to your garden.

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